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Taboo Tattoo

A super-ancient weapon that can set off an supernatural phenomenon by dramatically raise the physical ability of the Sealed (印者). It can only be activated when a particular substance called Trigger (トリガー) fills up.

Justice Akatsuka (aka Seigi) saves a man from punks on the street. When the man gives him a mysterious pebble in appreciation, a tattoo appeared on his palm.

“Where did you get that tattoo?”
On the way back from his school on the following day, Seigi is suddenly attacked by Izzy, a girl who is in an out-of-season coat. He fights back using martial arts which he was strictly taught and trained by his grandfather, however, he ends up risking his life by the overwhelming power of Izzy…
The story develops around Justice Akatsuka who gets the cursed tattoo by chance. The battle starts here with various intentions and conspiracies.