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MANGA.TOKYO proudly presents our first ever light novel

Shikigami Girl


Modern-day Japan-
A country where advanced development intertwines with enigmatic traditions.
One night, an international student wonders into a small Shinto shrine in Tokyo, without realizing that it conceals an evil spirit. After accidentally releasing the spirit, it attacks him and takes away his identity. His very existence is about to be erased when a mysterious girl appears to rescue him.
Wearing an old-fashioned kimono, the girl commands 'Shikigami'- which appear to be origami animals which have a life of their own. Her name is Kuzuha Komyo and she is a Shikigami invoker of the Komyo clan, an honorable family who have been dedicating themselves to exorcising evil spirits since ancient times.
Thus our protagonist's tale with Kuzuha begins.



Illustration of episode1

The Stolen Name

I have landed in Japan to begin my studies. One night, I wonder into a small Shinto shrine where I encounter an evil spirit which takes my identity away from me. I’m saved by a girl named Kuzuha Komyo, who is a Shikigami invoker.

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The Komyo Clan

After having my identity stolen by an evil spirit, I have no name and no place to go.
Somehow I am able to track down Kuzuha’s house and ask her to take me in. Her housekeeper tries to help me to convince her...

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Illustration of episode3

Japanese School Life

I have started my new life in the Komyo residence. It's time to start my long-awaited Japanese school life!
However, something strange occurs when I show Kuzuha the manga I brought back from my new school club...

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Battle in Manga

After being sucked into a manga, I find myself in front of an evil spirit being controlled by somebody else.
With no way to fight it, I am helplessly backed into a corner.
I am about to accept my fate, when somebody appears....

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Illustration of episode5

Kuzuha and Akihabara

I brought Kuzuha along with me to hang out in Akihabara with the members of the Manga Club.
We have fun in the otaku paradise, until a guy named Haruaki appears and says something very strange...

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Anxious Night

I have arrived at the overnight accommodation for my school trip in the mountains.
I feel that there is some kind of secret regarding Kuzuha and Haruaki's relationship.
For some reason, Haruaki starts to come for me...

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Illustration of episode7

Clan of Darkness

Haruaki invites me into a magical barrier and shows his true self.
His goal is a mysterious item called 'The Hokuto Wheel', which he claims I know of.
With nowhere to run, Haruaki lets an evil fox spirit loose on me...

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The Hokuto Wheel

As my very existence is about to be erased by the fox spirit, I see memories from before I was born.
I learn about the importance of the medallion that hangs around my neck.
Together with the Ryusei Sword, it is said that the Hokuto Wheel can produce an unimaginable power...

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Illustration of episode9

Flame of Evil

As I am struggling against Haruaki's attack, Kuzuha arrives wielding the Ryusei Sword.
The power of the sword is enough to defeat evil spirits an instant, but comes with a heavy price.
With Haruaki wielding the famous sword Muramasa, a one-on-one battle begins.

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Illustration of episode10

The Shikigami Arts

After seemingly defeating Haruaki, Kuzuha and I escape from the burning building.
However, Haruaki won't give up- even if it means he himself becomes a monster.
With all my classmate's eyes on Kuzuha, she fights to protect us.

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The protagonist. A high-schooler who has come to Japan for his studies. He is a hardcore anime and manga fan.

Kuzuha Komyo
Kuzuha Komyo

A daughter of the Shikigami-invoking Komyo clan. She is always attended to by two Shikigami named Tsuzura and Yoh. She is an expert in the Japanese martial art of Aikido.

Fude Katanosaka
Fude Katanosaka

Fude is a residential housekeeper of the Komyo clan.

Ryoya Ohsaka
Ryoya Ohsaka

A classmate of the protagonist. She is a transgender girl and wears feminine attire outside school.

Jasmine Gondo
Jasmine Gondo

The protagonist’s classmate. She holds Philippine nationality. With no relatives to depend on, she is living at a children's home.

Haruaki Shinoda
Haruaki Shinoda

A boy in the same school year as the protagonist.

About Shikigami Girl

MANGA.TOKYO delivers the freshest and most detailed information about anime and manga from Japan to the world. This time we are delighted to present our first original novel, Shikigami Girl.

Shikigami Girl will run on our website in English paired with beautiful illustrations. Japanese anime and manga creators with mega-hot works under their belt have gathered under the name Honda-Na.

Please enjoy this novel which is exclusive to MANGA.TOKYO. We hope it can enchant anime and manga fans from all around the world