Important Announcement from the MANGA.TOKYO Team

Hello MANGA.TOKYO visitors!

For the past few years, MANGA.TOKYO has strived to bring you the best anime and manga-related news, reviews and interviews straight from Japan!

Not only have we brought you news directly from the source and our select news partners, we have also enjoyed spicing up our content with fun features such as:

  • photo reports from anime events in Japan
  • interviews with anime directors, producers, voice actors, up-and-coming singers and more
  • Japanese voice actor stage event reports
  • anime-related travel articles
  • educational articles

And much much more!

In 2018 we decided to branch out, launching our proxy-buying service, Otsukai!

Otsukai lets you upload a public request for the Japan-exclusive items you are searching for.

Our users in Japan will then make offers to purchase the item and ship it to you on your behalf!

You can be very specific in the item you want…or you can be open to suggestions from the Japanese users!

Just go to to find out more.

MANGA.TOKYO and Otsukai are run by a very small team of just 7 full-time staff with one thing in common — we all love Japanese pop culture and want to spread it across the globe!

With this in mind, MANGA.TOKYO will be cutting down on the publishing of news for the time being whilst we focus on getting Otsukai off the ground.

We will still be posting here from time-to-time and aim to come back even bigger than before — so watch this space!

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to what the future will bring!

— Everybody at MANGA.TOKYO and Otsukai

MANGA.TOKYO Editor’s Choice

Let’s look back on some of our favorite articles from over the years! We have some exclusive interviews with some of the biggest names in the industry, educational articles that let you look at anime in a different light, some how-to articles and even a free-to-read original light novel! Fancy a bit of procrastination? Well, you’re spoiled for choice right here!
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Check out some of our exclusive interviews we’ve done over the years, from legendary anisong performer Hironobu Kageyama to the producer of the Detective Conan series! If you’re more interested in merchandise, we have interviews with the brains behind fashion brand SuperGroupies, figure production company Max Factory and even the producer of traditional Japanese umbrellas (with an anime tie-up of course)

Interview with Isekai Quartet Director Minoru Ashina

Interview with CEO of Anime Fashion Brand SuperGroupies

Interview with Chihiro Ikki — Voice of Kaminarimon in Boruto: Next Generations

Interview with Max Watanabe — CEO of Figure Production Company Max Factory

Interview with Detective Conan Producer Michihiko Suwa [Part 1]

Interview with Detective Conan Producer Michihiko Suwa [Part 2]

Interview with popular anisong band SCREEN MODE

Interview with legendary anisong performer Hironobu Kageyama [Part 1]

Interview with legendary anisong performer Hironobu Kageyama [Part 2]

Interview with popular Japanese illustrator RAM

Interview with Hiyoshiya — a maker of traditional Japanese umbrellas…sometimes with an anime twist

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Anime Trivia

Ever wondered what we mean by a ‘cour’? Perhaps you’ve wanted to further your enjoyment of an anime by learning some Japanese. Want to learn more about the author references in Bungo Stray Dogs? Or maybe you saw Hozuki’s Coolheadedness and want to learn more about the culture surrounding it. We’ve picked out some trivia articles for you!

What is a ‘cour’ and a ‘season’ in anime?

Trivia to better enjoy Kiki’s Delivery Service

Who laughs with ‘Oh ho ho ho’ — learn about ojou-sama Japanese

Learn some Japanese pronouns to more deeply understand anime characters

Japanese culture in Hozuki’s Coolheadedness

Learn about the Japanese authors referenced in Bungo Stray Dogs

What’s with the power lines and cicada sounds in anime?

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Learn more about ita-bags so you can show off your love for your best boi/girl. Thinking about cosplaying during your visit to Japan? Learn the essential etiquette here.

How to prepare for Comiket

What is an ita-bag?

Crafting an ita-bag [Part 1]

Crafting an ita-bag [Part 2]

How to cosplay in Japan

How to make the katsudon from Yuri on Ice

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Anime analysis

Look at some of your favorite anime in a different light with our analytical articles. We especially recommend the articles about how the anime has been adapted from the source material!

My Hero Academia Official Visual (C) 堀越耕平/集英社・僕のヒーローアカデミア製作委員会

Why Shinji can’t just get in the robot — depression in Neon Genesis Evangelion

The gripping match between Karasuno and Aoba Johsai in Haikyu — Anime vs Manga

My Hero Academia: Izuku vs Katsuki — Anime vs Manga

Introduction to Fullmetal Alchemist — a manga with two anime adaptations

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Light Novel – Shikigami Girl

MANGA.TOKYO teamed up with experienced people in the anime industry to bring you a completely free-to-read light novel — Shikigami Girl! A foreign student in Japan has to make up for his carelessness after breaking a sacred seal. Meet a charming and eclectic cast of characters in MANGA.TOKYO’s original light novel!

Shikigami Girl :MANGA.TOKYO is a media site which spreads information about japanese anime, manga and music all around the world. We want to be the place where you go to for reviews or event reports by Japanese otakus or where you can go to after having watched an anime and get more details about it and enjoy it even more.