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Classroom of the Elite

Summer 2017
Also Known As:
ようこそ実力至上主義の教室へ (Japanese)
Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu (Romaji)
Welcome to the Classroom of the Supreme Ability Doctrine (Literal)

Jul 12, 2017 at 23:30


Kodo Ikusei High School is a prestigious school, where nearly 100% of the students find employment or go to university after graduation. Students are free to bring any of their belongings to school and wear any hairstyle they want. It’s a school that seems like paradise. But in truth, only those who perform well enough get favourable treatment. Because Kiyotaka Ayanokoji didn’t do too well on his entrance examination, he was put into D class, where all the ‘inferior’ students land. When he meets Suzune Horikita, a girl from his class with good grades but a difficult personality, and Kikyo Kushida, a girl kind of like an angel, his situation changes at once.


Episode 1: What is evil? …It’s everything that is born from weakness

Kiyotaka Ayanokoji has enrolled at Kodo Ikusei High School, a boarding school which has a 100% success rate; its students always move on to higher education and find work.

However, his class, 1-D, is filled with strange students whom you would never think could make it past high school. At this school, students are given campus points worth the equivalent of 100,000 yen each month, and students have the freedom to talk or sleep during classes or even cause a slowdown. These students were supposed to be able to lead a slovenly life, but there was somebody who felt something was off. Her name is Suzune Kitahori, and she is a loner who avoids communicating with others at any cost. She realizes that, although the school is supposed to provide each student with a large sum of money, there is something not quite right. After a month, Ayanokoji, Kitahori and the members of class D learn the truth of their school’s system.

Episode 2: It Takes a Great Deal of Talent to Conceal One’s Talent

Students are put into classes A to D according to their abilities, class D being the one that gets called ‘defective items’ by most students. Because they keep failing just one month after the start of the school year, they are dropped from receiving the monthly 100,000 yen worth of points. Because they have to live in poverty and because there is a strict rule that says you have to drop out of school if you gain red marks during the exam, class D is in uproar. In the middle of this, Horikita, who still can’t accept that she was assigned to class D, is aiming to be promoted to class A. Ayanokoji is helping her achieve this. The first challenge is to survive all the midterm exams without getting a red mark.

Episode 3: Man is an Animal that makes Bargains. No Other Animal Does this; No Dog Exchanges Bones with Another

Mid-terms ended and even though there were students with bad grades, the D class managed to get more points than the school had expected. Behind these test results is the desperate effort of Horikita and the others and Ayanokoji’s secret maneuvers. However, Sudo who was one of the bigger concerns, got a red mark because of his tests. “Ken Sudo, you are suspended from school.”, said the teacher in charge without empathy. Ayanokoji tries to turn the result around one more time, even though the mid-terms are already over and the results have been announced. And while everybody is in uproar because of the exams, Ayanokoji is witnessing an unexpected side of Kikyo Kujita, the idol of the class.

Episode 4: We should not be upset that others hide the truth from us, when we hide it from ourselves

After the midterms, Class D finally earned some points. Even though they are happy that they managed to escape complete poverty, it doesn’t last for long and new problems arise. It is said that Sudo assaulted a student from Class C. He claims he was only defending himself, but it is up to the student council to decide that, and depending on the result, Class D might lose points. Ayanokoji and the rest of Class D struggle to find evidence of the self-defense claim. For a certain time now, Ayanokoji has been working on a relationship with Honami Ichinose, the leader of Class B, in which they use each others abilities. Meanwhile, Ichinose theorizes that behind this incident is the C class leader Kakeru Ryuen. It seems like he will bring the C and D classes halfway into a war.

Episode 5: Hell is other People

Class D student Airi Sakura is thought to be a witness of the incident. She is the only one who can back up Sudo’s self-defense claim but for some reason she refuses to testify. Kushida, who is second to none in befriending others, is unable to open Sakura’s heart. In the end, unable to get Sakura to cooperate, Ayanokji and the others face deliberation day. The one who will be present at the deliberation is Suzune Horikita’s brother Manabu, the student council president. Horikita, who took on the role of Sudo’s defence lawyer, withers in Manabu’s presence and loses the ability to speak. The deliberation goes in favor of class C and Class D is driven into a corner. At that time, Ayanokoji’s hand closes in on Horikita’s side……!?

Episode 6: There are two kinds of lies, one concerns an accomplished fact, the other concerns a future duty

After Sakura was brave and gave her testimony, it was decided that the case was still open and more evidence was needed. However, as Sakura was the last trump of D class, they have to find something else to prove Sudo’s innocence. Ayanokoji and Horikita go back to the place of the incident to investigate once again. That’s when a strange person keeps appearing around Sakura. It is an enthusiastic fan, also called stalker, of Shizuku. Shizuku is the name under which Airi Sakura is working as a gravure idol, surprising everyone with a completely unexpected and new side of her. The hearing and the bad influence of Sakura’s stalker make the situation more confusing, but Ayanokoji and Horikita manage to make an epic recovery.

Episode 7: Nothing is as dangerous as an ignorant friend; a wise enemy is to be preferred

The first semester is over and summer break starts. Suzune Horikita is indulging herself in loneliness, saying she doesn’t need friends and spends her time only reading and studying, without meeting anyone. Then one day, Ayanokoji calls her and invites her, ‘Let’s go to the pool with everybody from Class D!’ Normally, Horikita would refuse such an invitation, but because of a certain situation she accepts. Meanwhile, the boys of Class D make suspicious plans.

The day of going to the pool has come and they are joined by Ichinose and the others of Class B, enjoying beach volleyball and other leisure activities. And while the boys of class D make their secret manoeuvres, other class leaders like Sakayanagi and Ryuen are also visiting the pool…?

Episode 8: Abandan all hope, ye who enter here

During the school event for first year students, our class goes on a vacation to a southern island. They travel there on a luxurious ship, with restaurant and facilities on board, all free to enjoy. The D class enjoy the whole vacation to its fullest, especially after all the stress of the first semester: red points, being expelled from school, and living in poverty. Kohei Katsuragi from class A is looking at them with a cold gaze. He is the one who is splitting A class in half. Alice Sakayanagi is its leader, but roughly half of the class is supporting him to take her place. Since Sakayanagi is not present because she is sick, he is now leading A class. Meanwhile C class is facing a big riot because a girl called Ibuki is facing Ryuen and his dictatorship. It seems like this won’t be as much of a vacation as they hoped…

Episode 9: Man is Condemned to be Free

It turns out the trip to a southern island is not a vacation but a social experiment. For a week, they will live on the uninhabited island and try to survive following certain rules. The rules to follow are like these:

‘If you give another class 300 points, you can purchase products with that amount of points.’

‘You receive points if only your class is occupying a certain area of the island’,

‘Each class decides on a leader and if another class can guess the leader right, they receive points’

and more!

Depending on the results of this project, the points of each class can drastically sink or rise. As soon as they understood what this test was about, class A-C quickly started to move. Only the students of class D are utterly confused and because there is nothing decided and they are not used to the island, soon a drift opens…

Episode 10: Every Man Has in Himself the Most Dangerous Traitor of All

The first day of their special test is over. At last, the students of class D are gathered at one point and join their strengths to survive on the uninhabited island. Meanwhile, Ayanokoji and Horikita start to investigate how the other classes are doing with the test. The B class with Ichinose is making use of their unity and saves points very effectively, even enjoying life on the island. Katsuragi and the rest of the A class have decided to make a cave their base camp, which they don’t show to anybody. However, it is class C with Ryuen as their leader who suffer the most. Ryuen is laughing at other classes who try hard to save their points and uses up all points of class C, playing around. Horikita criticizes this act as self-destruction, but…

Episode 11: What People Commonly call Fate is Mostly their Own Stupidity

Horikita is holding onto the key card of the D-class leader. But the condition of her body is getting worse. Ayanokoji realizes that, but if she retires, the class will suffer a penalty of minus 30 points, so she is hiding her condition and carries on. Around that time, it happens that the underwear of D-class’s girls is being stolen, which makes conflict arise between the boys and the girls. And once again, the class falls apart. Furthermore, on the sixth day of the exam someone took Horikita’s bad condition as a chance and stole the leader’s key card. Right after that, a fire broke out in their camp. Underwear thief, key card thief, arson… Why would someone do this? Class D is drowning in confusion while the suspicion of the students grows.

Episode 12: Genius Lives Only One Story Above Madness

The one who stole the key card from Horikita was Mio Ibuki. Horikita tried to get the key card back, but because of her bad condition, she collapsed in the end. However, she refused to give up because she wanted to be recognized from her brother and be promoted to A class. Thankfully, Ayanokoji made her stop, because he could see that she had reached her physical limits. The forecast on the results of the exams for D Class look really dark, as they will lose points for revealing their leader, having two people give up, and for not managing to unify the class.

Meanwhile, A Class is collecting more and more points by possessing the special spots. On the final day of the exam, an unexpected person comes to stand before the students.



Original work

Shogou Kinugasa


Tomose Shunsaku


Seiji Kishi and Hiroyuki Hashimoto

Series Composition

Aoi Akashiro

Character Design

Kazuaki Morita

Anime Production



Kiyotaka Ayanokoji

Shoya Chiba

Suzune Horikita

Akari Kito

Kikyou Kushida

Yurika Kubo

Airi Sakura


Kei Karuizawa

Ayane Taketatsu

Yousuke Hirata

Ryota Ohsaka

Rokusuke Kouenji

Toshiki Iwasawa

Ken Sudou

Eiji Takeuchi

Kenji Ike

Daiki Abe

Haruki Yamauchi

Mutsuki Iwanaka

Teruhiko Yukimura

Tsubasa Goda

Arisu Sakayanagi

Rina Hidaka

Kohei Katsuragi

Satoshi Hino

Honami Ichinose

Nao Toyama

Ryuji Kanzaki

Akihisa Wakayama

Kakeru Ryuuen

Masaaki Mizunaka

Mio Ibuki

Mikako Komatsu

Manabu Horikita

Yuichirou Umehara

Akane Tachibana

Konomi Kohara

Sae Chabashira

Rina Satou

Chie Hoshinomiya

Hisako Kanemoto


Airing Date
Jul 12, 2017 at 23:30
Summer 2017


Theme Songs

by ZAQ, by Minami

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