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Katana Maidens ~ Toji no Miko

Spring 2018 Winter 2018
Also Known As:
刀使ノ巫女 (Japanese)
Sword Girls (Translation)
Toji No Miko (Romaji Official)

6 January 2018, 1:05 (JST)


Since ancient times, shrine maidens have exorcised ‘aratama’, strange existences threatening the human world, with their swords. Wielding the swords are ‘Toji’, young women wearing school uniforms. As the ‘special religious police unit’ they work for the police. While they work for the government and go to one of the five schools set up by the government, they are allowed to carry swords. They try to live a normal school life and sometimes go out to perform their duties, fighting for humankind.

But this spring…
The five schools send their strongest Toji to face each other at a tournament. As the tournament gets closer, the chosen students concentrate even more on their training, trying to improve their skills.


The anime is based on an original story. A manga adaptation has been announced for December 2017. It will be published in the Monthly Shonen Ace and be drawn by Sakae Saito. Additionally, a smartphone game is scheduled to be released in 2018.


Episode 1 – Where to point the point of a sword

1st Episode Anime Impressions | Preview

Kanami Etou, who won the campus selection competition at Minoseki Academy, and second place winner Mai Yanase will compete in a match, which will be held at Kamakura’s Origami House. Talented Toji has gathered from five different schools in order to participate in this tournament.

Episode 2 – The Distance Between Them

Kanami manages to escape together with Hiyori from the failed assassination attempt on the Origami family head Yukari Origami. This occurrence raises an uproar, as it is unheard in the history of the Origami family. Yukari’s bodyguards are hunting the escapees down while in the meantime the leaders of the Gokaten schools are coming together for a meeting.

Episode 3 – Innocent Sword

Kanami and Hiyori are under the care of Onda, who is a former Toji and also graduated from Minoseki Gakuin. They manage to take a short rest. This is also the time where Kanami learns from Hiyori that Yukari is possessed by a big Aradama, their enemies. The influence of the Aradama stretches also to the Origami family as well as the bureau.

Episode 4 – The Burden of Resolution

Kanami and Hiyori who released Sayaka and separated ways with Rui head towards Izu to join Faynman. Meanwhile, in Kamakura, Eren Kohagura and Kaoru Mashiko received the order from the Osafune Academy to attack Kanami and the others. However…

Episode 5 – A Night of Mountain Hunting

Ellen and Kaoru have caught up to Kanami and Hiyori again. That’s when Kanami decides to makes a certain proposal to Ellen and Kaoru…

Episode 6 – The Space Between humans and Disgrace

After Erin is captured, she is being interrogated at the temporary commanding center by Suzuha. Meanwhile, Kanami and Hiyori have joined forces with Kaoru and question her about why Erin was not there while Kaoru tries to hurry their departure. However, Kaoru did not plan to answer their questions with her back turned.

Episode 7 – Heart Ache

The one who came for Kanami and the others in a submarine was Ellen’s grandfather, who goes by the name FineMan. Kanami and the others are taught the truth behind the Tragedy of Sagami Bay and Yukari Origami. Meanwhile, at Renpu, Yukina approaches Sayaka with the Noro syringes in hand.

Episode 8 – Day of Disaster

Kanami and the others have arrived at the Mokusa base where they meet Yukari Origami’s younger sister Akane. From her and Friedman, they hear the truth of what happened 20 years ago during the Great Disaster of Sagami Bay. There was a great difference between what the two told them and what was taught to the Toji at school.

Episode 9 – After the Festival

After Kanami and Hiyori hear from Akane and Friedman how important the noro sample is, they decide to join the Mokusa to defeat Yukari Origami. But when Mai asks what the significance of Hiyori’s fight is, she doesn’t get an answer.
At that time, Yume attacks…

Episode 10 – Resolve for Tomorrow
Episode 11 – Gleam of Moonlight
Episode 12 – A Single Sword
Episode 13 – Next Generation Heroes
Episode 14 – Family Scene
Episode 15 – Slothful Person’s Honor
Episode 16 – Audience with the Warden
Episode 17 – The Goddesses’ Madness
Episode 18 – Aradama Domination
Episode 19 – Call of the Evil God
Episode 20 – The Last Goddess
Episode 21 – Sword of the Thunder God
Episode 22: Gate of the Netherworld
Episode 23: Moment’s End
Episode 24: The United Maidens




Kodai Kakimoto

Series Composition

Tatsuya Takahashi

Original Character Design

Yoshinori Shizuma

Character Design

Yuko Yahiro

Prop Design

Noritaka Suzuki

Chief Animation Director

Yuko Yahiro/Kenji Ota

Action Animation Director

Tomohiro Kamitani

Art Director

Masaru Sato

Background Art

Mamio Ogawa

Color Setting

Miho Tanaka

CG Director

Naoki Ogita (Graphinica)



Director of Photography

Yoshihiro Sekiya


Akinori Mishima


Yukari Hashimoto

Sound Director

Satoki Iida



Animation Production

Studio Gokumi


Kanami Etou

Kaede Hondo

Hiyori Juujou

Saori Onishi

Mai Yanase

Azumi Waki

Sayaka Itomi

Hina Kino

Kaoru Mashiko

Risae Matsuda

Ellen Kohagura

Eri Suzuki

Maki Shido

Yumi Uchiyama

Suzuka Korehana


Yomi Satsuki

Mai Fuchigami

Yume Tsubakuro

Inori Minase

Yukari Origami

Asami Seto


Kaoru Mashiko

Osafune Girls Academy High School First Year. 15 years old.

Her Okatana is named ‘Nenekirimaru.’ She always seems to be running on low-power mode. She uses the masculine first person pronoun ‘ore’.

Although she has a small frame, she is a power fighter that swings around a huge sword. She is followed by an Aradama called ‘Nene’ who acts as her guardian spirit. She often acts as though she can’t be bothered with Ellen, but in reality trusts her very much.

Ellen Kohagura

Osafune Girls Academy High School First Year. 15 years old.

Her Okatana is Echizen Yasutsugu. She has a Japanese father and an American mother. She has a naive personality and does her best to put smiles on everyone’s faces. She is good partners with Kaoru. She is the type that will give a nickname to people the first time she meets them.

Kanami Etou

A 13-year-old Minoseki Academy Middle School second year student.
Her sword is Chidori. She is only a middle school student but she is so good with a sword that she could represent the whole academy. She has a bright and optimistic personality and a lot of friends. She is a swordplay fanatic and her eyes sparkle whenever it is brought up. Be it when she is asleep or when she is awake, she is always thinking about practice; even in her dreams she doesn’t miss training. Above all, she loves matches, and enjoys watching people’s skills and dedication.

Hiyori Juujou

A 14-year-old Heijiro Gakkan Middle School third year student.
Her sword is Kogarasumaru. She is serious with a stoic and aloof personality. She feels the most responsibility when it comes to being Toji and has a strong will that does not waver once she has decided to do something. She does not allow herself or others to compromise and this causes her to be misunderstood by the people around her. Her fighting style is based on speed and she is one of the best Toji.

Key Visuals


Airing Date
6 January 2018, 1:05 (JST)
Spring 2018 , Winter 2018


Theme Songs

Opening: Save you Save me

Ending: Kokoro no Memoria

Both songs will be sung by these anime characters: Kanami Etou (VA; Kaede Hondo), Hiyori Juujou (VA: Saori Onishi), Mai Yanase (VA: Azumi Waki), Sataka Itomi (VA: Hina Kino), Kaoru Mashiko (VA: Risae Matsuda) and Ellen Kohagura (VA: Eri Suzuki)

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