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Teekyu 9

Summer 2017
Also Known As:
てーきゅう 9期 (Japanese)
Teekyu 9-ki (Romaji)

Jul 12, 2017 at 22:40


Season 9 of Teekyu.


Episode 98: Senpai and Home Alone

The birthday of the rich princess of Kameido High School’s tennis club, Nasuno Takamiya, is near! Kanae Shinjo and the others from the tennis club each thought a lot about how to surprise her and come to Nasuno’s house. Which one will be the most surprising for Nasuno?

Episode 99: Senpai and Pitch Perfect

Kanae suddenly declares she will become an idol! Yuri Oshimoto, first-year and member of the tennis club, instantly tries to make fun of her, but somehow stops before doing it. For Yuri, one of the worst days in history just started…

Episode 100: Senpai and 300
Episode 101: Senpai and 101

Yuri and Tomarin somehow ended up helping Udonko Kondo from the school’s newspaper to collect information. Because there wasn’t much to be found in Kameido High, it was just natural to look for a scoop at the tennis club. Kanae and the others are starting their chaos. The tennis club introduction from hell starts here!

Episode 102: Senpai and Nasu: Summer in Andalusia

The tennis club decides to go cycling together! If that is the bicycle Nasuno came on, then the one Marimo came is hard to ride. And Kanae… Is that really a bicycle? And then the four start off on a road to cycle, but if this road is really made for cycling is doubtful…

Episode 103: Senpai and Sadako vs. Kayako

A part of the Takamiya villa was cursed! Nasuno is going to explore the cursed space together with the possessed dolls Natalia and Kayako. But the enemies area is not easy to walk through and is full of curses! Will Nasuno be able to come back without a scratch?

Episode 104: Senpai and Chef

The alien girl Tomarin started living in the house of Marimo. When Tomarin is asked ‘Do you want to eat dinner? Or do you want eat me?’ to which Tomarin does only one thing…We wonder if Marimo will like the ‘personally by Tomarin’ salted dinner.

Episode 105: Senpai and Deadpool

“No, it’s that after all.” “But that…”

Talks like the quotes above can be heard because something seems majorly out of proportion. But it is said it’s only a trick of our eyes. So this episode will be all about illusions. So for the three minutes this episode lasts, your eyes might feel a bit…crazy.

Episode 106: Senpai and Battles Without honor and Humanity

Lalala~. while the festival of the music echoes, the four members of the tennis club get dressed in shrine maiden outfits and help at the big shrine festival! All four of them are seriously preparing for the festival. Thanks to the machinery that Kanae has from one of her previous lives, they complete the preparations successfully! … Wait, this isn’t a shrine festival, this is a music festival!

Episode 107: Senpai and Dr. Dolittle

Welcome to the Kameido Zoo! When the four members of the tennis club arrive there, it is rather eerie and quiet and the booths are divided strangely, giving them a rather unsatisfying experience. The one holding the key to this strange situation is the zoo manager, and he tells them what has happened…

Episode 108: Senpai and Sound of Music

The four of them came to the botanical garden (owned by the Takamiya family). As expected, the Takamiya family has a botanical garden that is filled with plants that you haven’t seen before and will even make fun of you. However, this is the last episode. And they aim to make it beautiful.



Original Work


Director, Scriptwriter, Character Design

Shin Itagaki

Animation Production



Yuri Oshimoto

Yui Watanabe

Kanae Shinjo

Suzuko Mimori

Nasuno Takamiya

Kyoko Narumi

Marimo Bando

Kana Hanazawa

Key Visuals


Airing Date
Jul 12, 2017 at 22:40
Summer 2017


Theme Songs

Dream First Sensation by Yuri Oshimoto, ending: Kaiun! Shoufuku! Enten Uta by Earth Star Dream

Official Site

ルーツ/Piyo/アース・スター エンターテイメント/亀井戸高校テニス部


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