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Steins;Gate 0

Spring 2018 Summer 2018

12 April 2018, Thursdays at 1:35 (JST)


November 2010 – Beta Timeline
This is the timeline where the hero, Rintaro Okabe, gave up his tries of saving HER, after many hardships and sorrow.
He is at the bottom.
His friends worry about him.
What happened to HER, who couldn’t be saved?
This is the story of ‘Zero’, telling another tale with new characters.



Original Work

Chiyomaru Shikura/Mages


Kenichi Kawamura

Series Composition

Jukki Hanada

Original Character Design


Character Design

Tomoshige Inayoshi

Animation Production

White Fox


Rintaro Okabe

Mamoru Miyano

Mayuri Shiina

Kana Hanazawa

Itaru Hashida

Tomokazu Seki

Kurisu Makise

Asami Imai

Moeka Kiryu

Saori Goto

Luka Urushibara

Yu Kobayashi

Faris Nyan-nyan

Haruko Momoi

Suzuha Amane

Yukari Tamura

Maho Hiyajo

Sayuri Yahagi

Kagari Shiina

Megumi Han

Yuki Amane

Yukari Tamura


Rintaro Okabe

Voiced by: Mamoru Miyano

He is the leader of the Future Gadget Lab. His lack of power is something he is painfully aware of, thanks to a certain event.

Mayuri Shiina

Voiced by: Kana Hanazawa

She is Okabe’s childhood friend and understands him very well. She is one of the the lab members.

Luka Urushibara

Voiced by: Yu Kobayashi

With his appearance and behaviour, he is often mistaken for a girl. His nickname is Lukako (adding the ‘ko’ at the end of the name makes it sound female in Japanese)

Key Visuals


Airing Date
12 April 2018, Thursdays at 1:35 (JST)
Spring 2018 , Summer 2018

White Fox

Theme Songs

Opening: Fatima by Kanako Ito

Ending: Last Game by Zwei (first half of the series)
Amadeus by Kanako Ito (episode 1)
by Asami Imai (second half of the series)

Official Site

©2018 MAGES./KADOKAWA/未来ガジェット研究所 ©2018 MAGES./KADOKAWA/STEINS;GATE 0パートナー


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