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Spiritpact -Yomi no Chigiri-

Winter 2018
Also Known As:
SPIRITPACT-黄泉の契り- (Japanese)
Spiritpact Season 2

24 February 2018, 21:00 (JST)


Priests who have spiritual power and keep the balance between heaven and earth while slowly using up their life power are called Youmeishi. Ki Tanmoku, who is one of the Youmeishi, has the duty to catch the spirits of the world. It is not only the evil ghosts who aim for the Yomeishi’s life and spiritual power; even other skillful people are targeting them for their power or status. Since the attacks never stop, Tanmoku is pretty much constantly fighting. In this situation, the only one Tanmoku was able to face head-on was Keika Yo, someone with a close destiny to Tanmoku. Is their relationship nothing more than one between a Youmeishi and an Eirei? What kind of connection will the two of them have? This season will include the past of Tanmoku we couldn’t face in Season 1 and then we will follow new stories. What in the world is the Shouken that has been sleeping in his memory?



Original Work

Ping Zi Ling Qi published in Tencent’s Tencent Comic


Li Haolin


Qi Ling Zi


Zou Zheng Yu


Li Haolin

General Executive Producer

Li Xiao Ting

Executive Producer

Chen Mo De Zhang Yu ASKASK

Planning Manager


Manga Editor

Gu Xiang


Shan Rou Gai Fan, Xiao Huo, Mo Xiao Mei, Xiao Di


Gao Peng Tao

Character Design, Chief Animation Director

Quan En Jing

Production Management

Kang Jun, Jin Min Zhun

Production Management Assistant

Shen Hai Yan

Color Setting

Jin Jin Zhu

General Producer

Liang Zhen Zhe

Background Director

Jin Rong Zai

Director of Photography

Shintaro Nakamura

Sound Director

Wu Ting, Teng Xin


Li Haolin

Animation Production

Haoliners Animation

*The Chinese spellings of staff’s names may be incorrect.


Keika You

Yuichi Iguchi

Ki Tanmoku

Shunsuke Takeuchi

Shouken Shinryuu

Takuya Sato

Shiyou Shin

Rumi Okubo

Jiun Tanmoku

Hitomi Nabatame

Jimei Tanmoku

Takahiro Miyake

Tetsu In

Noriaki Sugiyama


Yuki Sorami

Sekijin Shinryuu

Susumu Chiba


Keika You

Voiced by: Yuichi Iguchi

23 years old. Through some bad luck, he gets into an accident and loses his life. He signs a contract with the Youmeishi Ki Tanmoku and becomes his shadow. As a ghost, Keika’s body returns to how it looked when he was 14 years old, so at first glance, he looks very unreliable but in reality, he has some unusual abilities. He has great interest in the past of Tanmoku.

Ki Tanmoku

Voiced by: Shunsuke Takeuchi

18 years old. He is a member of the Tanmoku clan, who have a thousand-year long history of Youmeishi. Due to his work as Youmeishi, he always has the appearance of his 16-year-old self. He has the power of transcendence and always seems cool and composed. Most of his life he was on his own, but since he met Keika his humanity has returned because he keeps in touch with him.

Shouken Shinryuu

Voiced by: Takuya Sato

Was sent to the Tanmoku by the Shinryuu and is guarding Ki Tanmoku. He is very strong and thinks in a one-track manner. He swore loyalty to Tanmoku, but he seems to be hiding a secret from everyone…

Shiyou Shin

Voiced by: Rumi Okubo

18 years old. Because of her special genetics, she was chosen as the fiancee of Ki Tanmoku. Even though the connection was decided by the family, she is deeply in love with Tanmoku. She gave up on being a Yancha and is putting all her efforts into becoming a suitable wife for Tanmoku. She is pretty and in her heart she is a game otaku and watches over Tanmoku and Keika.

Key Visuals


Airing Date
24 February 2018, 21:00 (JST)
Winter 2018

Haoliners Animation

Theme Songs

Opening: Taion by Shuta Sueyoshi (AAA)

Ending: I’ll be there by Roys

Official Site

©TENCENT Animation& Comics / SPIRITPACT 製作委員会


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