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Shojo Kageki Revue Starlight

Summer 2018
Also Known As:
少女☆歌劇レヴュースタァライト (Japanese)
Young Girl Opera Revue Starlight (lit.)
Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight (romanization)

13 July 2018, 1:28 (JST)


At the center of the story are nine girls who are attending a prestigious music school.
Each of them receives a mysterious invitation to an audition that could make all their wishes and dreams come true. And with that, their own version of battle royale begins.
Referring to the main cast as ‘Stars’ is surely justified, seeing how they suddenly became active in different work fields at one time, like voice acting, stage acting, idol actives and more.


This new project between Bushiroad and Nelke Planning links ‘Musicals’ and ‘Anime’ and hopes to bring a new kind of entertainment to the otaku world. Shojo Kageki Revue Starlight plans to have the same cast for both the anime and the musical.




Tomohiro Furukawa

Series Composition

Tatsuto Higuchi

Character Design

Hiroyuki Saita


Karen Aijou

Momoyo Koyama

Hikari Kagura

Suzuko Mimori

Junna Hoshimi

Hinata Satou

Maya Tendou

Maho Tomita

Mahiru Tsuyuzaki

Haruki Iwata

Claudine Saijou

Aina Aiba

Nana Daiba

Moeka Koizumi

Futaba Isurugi

Teru Ikuta

Kaoruka Hanayagi

Ayasa Itou


Karen Aijou

Voiced by: Momoyo Koyama

Seisho Music Academy, Term 99
16 years old. She once saw the revue ‘Starlight’ when she was young and since then has wanted to become a stage actress herself. She is always bursting with energy, has a loud voice, and can’t get up well in the morning. Together with Hikari, a girl she met when she was younger on a ‘fateful day,’ she participates in the mysterious revue. Her dream is to stand together on stage with Hikari.

Hikari Kagura

Voiced by: Suzuko Mimori

Seisho Music Academy, Term 99
16 years old. Her childhood friend is Karen and she is a genius actress who even went on an exchange year to a theater school in the UK. She met her fate when she watched the revue ‘Starlight’ together with Karen. After she reunited with Karen, they were somehow made to participate in the mysterious revue. Her dream is to stand together on stage with Karen.

Maya Tendou

Voiced by: Maho Tomita

Seisho Music Academy, Term 99
17 years old. She is a famous stage actress and prima donna, with her parents being famous stage actors as well. She has a body like a goddess, and a voice that can reach even the highest of notes. Even though she was born with natural talent, she never takes anything for granted and continues to strive higher. Her opinion about dreams is, ‘Dreams aren’t something to see, they are something to show off.’

Junna Hoshimi

Voiced by: Hinata Satou

Seisho Music Academy, Term 99
16 years old. Honor student and student committee member. She has very good analytical skills and makes good judgments, but tends to overthink. She attends the school even though her parents are against it, but she struggles to compete with girls like Maya, who have natural talent. Her dream is to bathe in the spotlight in the middle of the stage as a main character.

Key Visuals


Airing Date
13 July 2018, 1:28 (JST)
Summer 2018

Kinema citrus

Theme Songs

Opening: Hoshi no Dialogue by Starlight

Ending: Fly Me to the Star by Starlight

Starlight consists of Karen Aijou (VA: Momoyo Koyama), Hikari Kagura (VA: Suzuko Mimori), Maya Tendo (VA: Maho Tomita), Junna Hoshimi (VA: Hinata Sato), Mahiru Tsuyuzaki (VA: Haruki Iwata), Nana Daiba (VA: Moeka Koizumi), Claudine Saijou (VA: Aina Aiba), Futaba Isurugi (VA: Teru Ikuta) and Kaoruka Hanayagi (VA: Ayasa Itou)

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