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Room Mate

Spring 2017

Japanese Title: Room Mate

English Title: Room Mate

Romaji Title: Room Mate

Apr 12, 2017 at 22:40


The heroine is you! You can experience a para-life from your own point of view! You are the superintendent of a Western-style apartment building, where you meet 3 boys who live there. The anime will deliver the fun and exciting days with these unique boys, as well as the wavering bittersweet relationships right to your very eyes.


Episode 1:
Episode 2: Takumi Ashihara is Climbing

With a cool exterior, Takumi Ashihara is one of the best boulderers in Japan. He receives many requests as a certified climber, but he seems worried rather than enthusiastic. When you ask him what’s up, Takumi starts to quietly tell you what’s on his mind…?

Episode 3: Aoi Nishina is Relieved

Aoi Nishina is part of a theater group and has the habit of getting too into character, becoming his character even at home. But when you are involved, he somehow ends up returning to his usual self faster. One day, Aoi is practicing his play in the garden, turns to you and smiles.

Episode 4: Shinya Miyasaka is Amazed

Shinya, who is busy the way it already is, gets frustrated at you for being clumsy. Without quite showing his true intentions, Shinya’s attitude confuses you. But you still try to become good friends with him, which amazes Shinya and might make him open up to you a bit…

Episode 5: Room Mate’s Day Off

On a rainy day, the room mates spend their day off at home, deep in thought. That’s when the owner of the apartment, your aunt, brings over cake. Everybody enjoys a relaxing tea time when together with the cake, you receive a document with a shocking sentence written on it.

Episode 6: Takumi Ashihara Can’t Climb

Since that day, Takumi has tried to avoid you. He then breaks down with a cold but still acts strong. But because you are worried, you force your way into his room to take care of him. And then the reason for his strange attitude towards you is revealed.

Episode 7: Aoi Nishina Can’t Calm Down

You decided to help Aoi out with his character building. He is supposed to play a newlywed guy and together with his wife, they are a classic ‘bakaple’ (baka + couple, an idiot couple). However, this time he just can’t seem to get into his character like he usually does. And what is that, does it say ‘The two of them kiss’ in the script…?

Episode 8: Shinya Miyasaka Can’t Sleep

Shinya came home after drinking, which is unusual for him. His behavior is different from always, so you are confused. That night, he is sitting alone in the living room and invites you to stay with him for a bit. And then he reluctantly, but without being questioned, starts to tell you why he is so unusually weak.

Episode 9: The Statue of the Goddess Knows

One day, you clean the bathroom where the statue of a goddess is watching over those who bathe here and decide to take a bath. It is raining hard, so when Takumi, Aoi, and Shinya come home, they are soaking wet and decide to take a bath as well, not noticing that you are there already. Surprised by their appearance, you hide. And then you can hear them talking…

Episode 10: The Room Mates are Having a Contest

Shinya, who realized that the three guys of the house have the same feelings for you, suggests that they make it clear through a contest.
You are confused by all that, but watch their mysterious third game. But Takumi seems different, as if he is hiding something…?




Yutaka Goto, Ryohei Suzuki and Shuichi Suzuki

Original Character Design


Character Design

Chisato Nakata

Story Creation

Eiji Manao


Aose Shimoi

General Director

Takashi Sakuma

Art Director

Hiroki Matsumoto


Tomohiro Yamada

Animation Production

Typhoon Graphics


Takumi Ashihara

Tomoaki Maeno

Aoi Nishina

Hanae Natsuki

Miyasaka Shinya

Toriumi Kousuke


Takumi Ashihara

Voiced by: Tomoaki Maeno

A university student who loves to climb. It reflects on his body, giving him trained arms and good strength.

Aoi Nishina

Voiced by: Natsuki Hanae

He is a high schooler that devotes his free time to acting. Sometimes he gets a little too much into his roles.

Kousuke Toriumi

Voiced by: Shinya Miyasaka

A 25-year-old elite salaryman who works at a famous company. He is always wearing a suit and quite a sadist.

Key Visuals


Airing Date
Apr 12, 2017 at 22:40
Spring 2017

Typhoon Graphics

Theme Songs

Bokuiro Smile, ending: Kimiiro Smile by main cast

Official Site

(C)SMIRAL/「Room Mate」製作委員会


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