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Spring 2019

8 April 2019, 23:30 (JST)


Galaxy Century 0051.
NEO TOKYO Happyakuya-cho.
Robby’s looks aren’t so bad, but he is a useless man close to 30. He is a self-proclaimed freelance reporter, whose contract was terminated due to mistakes. Furthermore, he has been dumped by his girlfriend, almost died in traffic accidents because misfortunate happenings occur one after another and now he is even being chased by loan sharks.

One day, a bag snatcher steals his bag. The young part-time worker Hatchi helps him to catch the thief and get his bag back. As an expression of gratitude Robby invites Hatchi to a meal. Hatchi hates to do wrong things, but Robby is okay with that as long as he can live an easy life. They are the total opposite.

The next day, Hatchi is the loan shark visiting Robby’s place. He works part-time for Yan and has to get back the loan which Robby borrowed. Robby slips through this pinch by a hairbreadth and takes a spaceship into the sky. He flies up into space and thinks of going on a trip to Isekandar, a legendary planet beyond the Milky Way that is said to bring happiness when visited. However, at that time Hatchi appears unexpectedly. Robby thought to be alone on this journey, but he left together with Hatchi on board.

This is how the two of them are on their way straight through the galaxy aiming for Isekandar.



Original Work

Taiga Umatani


Shinji Takamatsu

Series Composition

Hiroko Kanasugi

Character Design

Yuko Yahiro

Concept Design

Shin Misawa

Anime Production

Studio Comet


Robby Yarge

Kazuya Nakai

Hatchi Kita

Keisuke Komoto

JPS-19 (Ikku)

Daisuke Sakaguchi


Tomokazu Sugita


Subaru Kimura


Shinnosuke Tokudome


Airing Date
8 April 2019, 23:30 (JST)
Spring 2019

Studio Comet

Theme Songs

Opening: Tensai no Playlist by Hachi feat. Robby (Keisuke Komoto feat. Kazuya Nakai)

Ending: Dancing to Night ~Kimi e No Saitan Warp Kouro ~ by Allo & Gras feat. Yang (Subaru Kimura & Shinnosuke Tokudome feat. Tomokazu Sugita)

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