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Rainy Cocoa Side G

Winter 2019
Also Known As:
雨色ココアside G (Japanese)
Ameiro Kokoa side G (romaji)

Winter 2019


Somewhere, someday. The peaceful silence is disturbed when a single girl stomps in the door of the café ‘Rainy Color’. Her name is Yoko Amami. She is the daughter of the café’s owner, Koji Amami.

“Keep your promise, stinky old man!”

The one she screams at is of course Koji Amami, the cause of her anger. Not only did she get stood up for their trip, but on top of that he is trying to go to Hawaii alone, which only feeds Yoko’s anger. At that moment appears Rain, the dog and mascot of ‘Rainy Color’ which is a problem for Yoko. To be honest, she she really doesn’t like dogs. When she tries to escape in a hurry, Koji’s luggage… CRASH! She somehow tripped over his bag and a vase, which was standing close by, is destroyed. Like that Yoko has to stay at the store for the summer and manage it as a punishment for pulverizing his vase. Like this a heartfelt story of Yoko’s struggles and how she can help people begins.



Yoko Amami

Eriko Matsui

Meru Kashiwagi

Aina Suzuki


Airing Date
Winter 2019
Winter 2019

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