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Marginal#4 Kiss Kara Tsukuru Big Bang

Winter 2017

Japanese Title: MARGINAL#4 KISSから創造るBig Bang

English Title: Marginal#4 A Big Bang Created from a Kiss

Romaji Title: Marginal#4 Kiss Kara Tsukuru Big Bang

Feb 12, 2017 at 23:30


Marginal#4: Kiss Kara Tsukuru Big Bang features the fictional idol group Marginal#4 and is about the daily lives of the members.


Episode 01: The Chaos Theory Born From the Stars

As far as introductions go, this starts of with a Big Bang! Marginal#4 have their first ever live and are now standing at the beginning of the road to success as a group. L, R and Atom all are in the same school and start thinking about how fast their high school life will be over now that they debuted, so they decide to start a club where they can do whatever they like. After that decision, they only have to find out what kind of club they want to start and who their 4th member should be, that is needed to actually start a club…

Episode 02: A Starbust Measured from the Soul

The contents of the story here.

Episode 03: Almagest as Told From a Dream

The contents of the story here.

Episode 04: Lagrange Pops on the Day Off

Lagrange Point is Marginal#4’s senior idol unit. They currently have everybody in the entertainment industry running after them.

Having just returned from their highly successful world tour, their manager Satsuki Chang finally lets them have their first day off in a long time.

Meanwhile, the high school the Marginal#4 boys attend is getting closer to its yearly cultural festival and Atom declares that their club will take part! However, Atom and Rui are completely at odds when it comes to deciding what their booth will be!!

Episode 05: Dark matter The contents of the story here.

The Marginal#4 boys are asked to take part in a magazine column that shows photographs of the bedrooms of idols. Each of the boys bring photos of their rooms that are overflowing with personality. However, the pictures getting the most attention from the other boys are surprising those of Rui’s room! Amidst the simple, modern interior, there is a somewhat strange stuffed toy. Atom, L and R can’t stop asking questions about this seemingly odd pair.

Episode 06: A Supernova Rival Born From a Mistake

Marginal#4 are steadily increasing their idol activities, but a tabloid magazine picks up the ‘scoop’ that claims Atom has a girlfriend! Rui, L, and R just can’t believe that such a thing could be true. Just as Marginal#4 finds themselves in the biggest problem since their formation, Magi4’s kouhai group, Unicorn Jr, appears before them…!?

Episode 07: Twin Stars Broadcasting From Noon

L and R have a dream that they release a genie from a lamp. The twins often see the same dreams, however this time the two ask the genie different wishes. This causes some awkwardness between them.
L has always used his innate talent to smartly go about roles and TV appearances. However, R starts to raise objections…

Episode 08: A Multiverse Reborn From a Mystery

Finally there’s a MARGINAL#4 drama! And Atom and Rui are playing the lead roles in it. Of course, L and R are being challenged by Lagrange Point, Unicorn Jr and Pythagoras Production in a dark suspense mystery. They show a different self to their usual image. Will they be able to keep it up until the end?

Episode 09: Summer Reminiscence of Cambria

On his way to the Pythagoras Production Training Camp, R reflects on what happened at the time of Marginal#4’s formation. The 4 of them have now formed strong bonds, but at the time of their formation, the members were all either working as solo performers or belonged to other units. They were not particularly positive about being put together as Marginal#4. What happened to make them to work so hard for their new unit?

Episode 10: The Superstring Theory Made From Flour

Heading towards the joint concert at the Ryuseikan, the lessons at the training camp are coming to an end. Thanks to the suggestion by Shy and Kira that they need to head out their comfort zones in order to succeed as a unit, the group all undergo a shuffling. As the members are put into the new teams, their dance teacher ends up collapsing. The reshuffled units put something together to try to cheer up their teacher.

Episode 11: Separation That Leads to Prominence

Marginal#4 are back from their training camp and boy have they grown! However, Rui, L, and R hear from Tsubasa that Atom may be quitting the group. The members are torn between their feelings of wanting to support him and the fear they they would no longer be able to perform as Marginal#4. On top of that, R and L catch Rui secretly emailing a certain place…

Episode 12:

We have come to the end of the rehearsals for Pythagoras Production’s Big Bang Fes, which is just a few days away! Atom realizes that he accidentally sent the wrong CD to be sent into space! Atom feels responsible for failing to ‘send our kiss to space’ and heads to the island of Tanegashima, where the rocket will be launched. He manages to hand over the right CD, but after that….!! As time inches closer towards the concert, Rui suggests something that will be the biggest gamble in Pythagoras Production’s history!!



Original Work


Original Character Design

Sou Kirishima


Kentaro Suzuki

Series Composition

Masahiro Yokotani

Character Design

Yoko Ito

Audio Director

Takayuki Yamaguchi


sakai asuka

Theme Song Production

Music by MIKOTO / Word by Daisuke Iwasaki

Animation Production





Kirihara Atom

Masuda Toshiki

Aiba Rui

Takahashi Naozumi

Nomura L


Nomura R

Suzuki Yuuto

Shai Makishima

Toshiyuki Toyonaga

Kira Himuro

Genki Taiga

Tsubasa Shindo

Shouta Aoi

Aruto Takimaru

Chiharu Sawashiro

Teruma Nakama

Toshiyuki Someya

Key Visuals


Airing Date
Feb 12, 2017 at 23:30
Winter 2017


Theme Songs

WeMe!!!! by Marginal#4

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