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Mahojin Guru Guru

Summer 2017
Also Known As:
魔法陣グルグル (Japanese)
Mahoujin Guru Guru (Romaji)
Magical Circle Guru Guru (Translation)

Jul 12, 2017 at 1:35


Nike was raised by his parents, who are big fans of heroes. When they hear that the king is looking for someone to fight a demon, they make him take the task, practically throw him out with the words:
“The day of your adventure has come!”
As a tradition, the hero who leaves the village has to go to the house of the witch, and there Nike meets a girl named Kukuri, practicing ‘guru guru’ magic… This is the charming adventures of Nike, forced to go and a bit bitter about it, and Kukuri, who doesn’t know much about the world. There will be many things to laugh about and times where you’ll want to cry. Soon, their adventure will begin once again!


Mahojin Guru Guru is based on a manga by Hiroyuki Etou and was serialized in Enix’s Monthly Shonen Gangan from 1992 to 2003. There are two previous anime adaptations, the first of which ran from 13 October 1994 until 14 September 1995, while the second ran from 4 April 2000 until 26 December 2000.


Episode 1: A Journey! Jimina Village!

Nike is a young boy who grew up in Jimina village and was forced on an adventure to become a hero, thanks to his hero-fanatic parents who heard that a hero to defeat a demon was needed. According to the rules of the village, a hero who starts his adventure has to pass the house of the witch Obaba, so when Nike goes there, he meets Kukuri who uses the a strange magic called Guru Guru. According to Obaba’s words, she is the last descendant of the Migumigu family, who is the only family left that can use Guru Guru, and that she has been waiting for the next brave hero to appear.

Episode 2: Dance! North Town!

Nike and Kukuri save a man on their way to the North Town, who was attacked by a monster. The man is from North Town and to thank them for their help, he wants to give them a heirloom of the town. But when Nike and Kukuri arrive at the town with the man’s help, they find a cursed city. It seems the town was cursed by a monster which has started living in the Nokogiri Mountain close by. The mayor of the town asks Nike and Kukuri to help the town by defeating the monster.

Episode 3: Battle! Nokogiri Mountain!

Nike and Kukuri came back to Obaba to learn more about Guru Guru. Kukuri already asked Obaba to tell her more, but the scripts of Guru Guru didn’t say anything Kukuri didn’t know yet. Just like there was Guru Guru in North Town, other places might also have it. So Obaba takes them to Jimina Town, which has a statue of the God Guru Guru-sama handed down for generations, because Guru Guru-sama is the patron of the town.

Episode 4: Off to the Training House!

Nike and Kukuri have come to the Dark Magic Society. There they hear about the evil Lord Giri who was sealed away by the Migu Migu tribe who invented the Guru Guru magic for that purpose. They sealed him away 300 years ago and the magic is starting to wear off, so his return is close. To practice Guru Guru, Kukuri, Nike, and their guarding wind spirit Gipple, are aiming for the village Shugi on the continent, where someone who knows how to train is said to be living.

Episode 5: Rescue! Dohgma Village

It was the Demon King Giri who possessed the girl at the Luna festival! He tells them that if they do not destroy the two bracelets which Plahto Church has sealed, he would destroy Dohgma village. The believers of Plahto Church fled the cathedral, but an army of Giri monsters was waiting outside. To protect the bracelets from the Giri army, Nike is heading to the forest in which one of the bracelets is sealed together with the Luna girl Juju.

Episode 6:
Episode 7: Discovery! The Fairy Forest!

Nike and Kukuri come to a forest that is said to be the passage to the country of fairies. Even though they are warned that one will not be able to exit the forest once they lose their way, the two of them get lost in a matter of seconds. While the two are searching for the right way to go, they hear something and follow the sound into the bushes. Like this, they find Kita Kita Oyaji. He tells them he is here to find the heir to his kita kita dance and together they search for the fairy part of the forest.

Episode 8: Reunion! Cattongue Valley!

Nike and Kukuri found out that Lord Satanachia is planning to free the demon Siren, who was sealed in a tower. Sent off by Grielle, they head toward Cattongue Valley, where the tower is located. But with the mountains and valleys spreading in front of their eyes, the two of them are lost for words. Grielle also left them alone as soon as her role was fulfilled, but then Nike and Kukuri meet an old friend.

Episode 9: Mystery! Ruins of the Migu Migu Clan

Nike and the others found the ruins of the Migu Migu clan by chance, concealed in a room. When Kukuri is looking around the room and sees how it’s overflowing with toys, she says she remembers seeing it somewhere. She tries remembering the time she was here when she was younger. Nike, who found the hidden meaning behind the toys, tells Kukuri to calm down and says he thinks that this is Kukuri’s old room, from the time when she was a baby. A message for Kukuri was left on the wall.

Episode 10: Clearing the Endless Tower!

Nike and Kukuri made it to the fourth floor of the Endless Tower after their meeting with the grass spirit Mogel. The fourth floor is made of a cliff. Suddenly, a monster carrying a treasure box appears on the gear in the middle of the room, coming in and out of view as the gear rotates. Nike and Kukuri are very curious and get ready to take on the monster, but on the next turn it is Kaya who appears.

Episode 11: Apprenticeship! Cophal’s Forest

Nike and Kukuri were caught by thieves in the forest of Copahl and on the condition that they teach Sly, the chief of the thieves, how to cook, they were led into the hideout of the thieves. Toma and Adamski, on the other hand, arrived at Adamski’s shop in town where Toma finds a monster detector. When the monster detector suddenly reacts to the minister of Copahl, Toma and the others know that he is a monster.

Episode 12: Fight! Copahl Castle!

To get the Banana Moon, Nike and the others try to make their way into Copahl Castle. They somehow managed to get into the castle disguised as followers of Plahto Church who came to pray, and are now looking for the room of the chancellor. When they thought they finally found it, it is in reality the room of the chancellor’s cook. When Nike decides to ask him about where to find the chancellor, he suddenly realizes he is cooking alongside him while hearing about where to go.

Episode 13: Legends! Tellum Village!

After Kukuri and Nike saved the kingdom of Copahl, they leave for their next adventure…or so it should have been, but without knowing where to go next, they are wandering around aimlessly. Gipple finds the two of them before they lose their minds completely and tells them about a village called Tellum that seems to have been taken over by a dragon. Nike is getting all excited to hunt down a dragon, which is a very hero-like job. The two head to Tellum village, but when they arrive the scene before them is unexpectedly peaceful.

Episode 14: Enigmatic! Alahabica!

Nike and Kukuri have heard rumors of a treasure with great powers sleeping in the ruins while they were at a store in Alahabica. The shopkeeper told them if they go and bring him the green chilli that grows in the spring there, he would give them an item that would solve the riddle of the ruins. So they make their way to the spring when a monster of the Giri army appears…

Episode 15: Love! In Uncanny Lands

Kukuri turned into a demon! Through magic, Nike is made to carry a sign spelling ‘Oppai’ (=tits) and Kita Kita Oyaji grows horns. Even though Kukuri messed everything up with her magic, Nike explained that the magic is a manifestation of Kukuri’s hidden love. Nike, who is supposed to face Kukuri’s feelings now, is lost and doesn’t know what to do…

Episode 16: Defense! The Panfos Ruins!

Nike and friends have retaken Panfos Tower, and thus Alahabica. They now must protect the Tower of Panfos. The members of the Giri forces get ready to attack, but there is something strange about the tower. Trying to get hold of the power of the witch that sleeps inside, the Giri forces are about to completely destroy Nike’s group along with the tower, but something makes an appearance… And thus the battle to protect Alahabica begins!

Episode 17: Let’s ring! El El Village!

Nike and Kukuri lose consciousness while wandering through the desert in brutal heat. Nike listens to a voice saying ‘Meet the king of the earth’ before passing out completely. Both get rescued by a mysterious girl named Kurujay and arrive in El El Village. Nike and Kukuri thank Kurujay, and she says: ‘Don’t expect too much of the king of earth’ before she leaves them. They decide to first talk to the villagers.

Episode 18: Bloom! The Land of Flowers!
Episode 19: Sing! The Tower of Batoha!

Thanks to his new dark magic, Raid has transformed into a dragon and kidnapped Kukuri. Nike however has to first protect Planano from Kaya and the others. The queen of flowers turned into a bud and needs his protection. Nike is in crisis, because on top of that, the tendrils of the Queen of Flowers were cut off due to the unexpected activities of the Tatejiwa Nezumi. To save Planano and be able to rescue Kukuri, he wants to somehow make Planano bloom…

Episode 20:



Original Work

Hiroyuki Eto

Series Director

Hiroshi Ikehata

Assistant Director

Tetsuaki Watanabe

Series Composition

Hisaaki Okui

Character Design

Naoyuki Asano

Sub-character Design

Asuka Yamaguchi

Monster Design

Asuka Suzuki

Prop Design

Natsuki Wada

Art Setting

Seiki Murata

Art Director

Shinichi Uehara (Studio Lagurus)

Color Design

Emiko Ueno

Filming Director

Tetsuya Takahashi

Motion Graphics

Takemune Oshiro

Special Effects

Miyako Hoshi

2D Works

Makiko Yamazaki


Yoshinori Murakami

Sound Director

Aketagawa Jin

Sound Effects

Yuji Furuya (Swara Pro)

Sound Production

Magic Capsule



Music Production


Animation Studio

Production I.G



Shiyuka Ishigami


Konomi Kohara

Kitakita Oyaji

Katsuzuki Konishi


You Taichi


Yukiyo Fujii


Takahiro Sakurai



Voiced by: Shiyuka Ishigami


Voiced by: Konomi Kohara

Kitakita Oyaji

Voiced by: Katsuzuki Konishi

Key Visuals


Airing Date
Jul 12, 2017 at 1:35
Summer 2017

Production I.G.

Theme Songs

Trip Trip Trip by Oresama, ending: Round&Round&Round by Technoboys Pulcraft Green-Fund feat. Bonjour Suzuki

Official Site

©衛藤ヒロユキ/SQUARE ENIX・「魔法陣グルグル」製作委員会


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