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Holmes of Kyoto

Summer 2018
Also Known As:
京都寺町三条のホームズ (Japanese)
Kyoto Teramachi Sanjo no Holmes (romaji)

10 July 2018, Tuesdays at 2:05 (JST)


The story is set in a shop for antiques, where the high school student Aoi Mashiro starts working as a part timer because she knows the son of the store owner, Kiyotaka Yagashira. Kiyotaka is often called the ‘Holmes of Teramachi’ because of his sharp mind paired with his gentle manners. Together Aoi and Kiyotaka receive various requests related to antiques from customers.



The anime is based on a light novel by Mai Mochizuki (story) and Shizu Yamauchi (art). It has eight volumes in print so far and is also being serialized as a manga by Ichiha Akizuki in Futaba’s Monthly Action.


Episode 1: Holmes and Zen Master Hakuin

1st Episode Anime Impression | Preview | Review

Episode 2: In the Days of Aoi

Preview | Review

Episode 3: The Case of the Mt. Kurama Estate Inheritance

Preview | Review

Episode 4: After the Festival

Preview | Review

Episode 5: The Lost Dragon

Preview | Review

Episode 6: The Connoisseur’s Philosophy

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Episode 7: Hesitation and Revelation

Preview | Review

Episode 8: Christmas Eve Tears and Broken Alibi

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Episode 9: The Sound of the Bell at Gion

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Episode 10: The Bisque Doll’s Smile

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Episode 11: Valentine’s Party

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Episode 12: Conditions of an Heir

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Norizoshi Sasaki

Series Composition

Kenichi Yamashita

Character Design, Chief Animation Director

Yosuke Ito

Animation Production

Animation Studio Seven




Aoi Mashiro

Miyu Tomita

Kiyotaka Yagashira

Kaito Ishikawa

Akihito Kajiwara

Ryohei Kimura


Koji Yusa

Rikuyu Takiyama

Sanae Kobayashi


Aoi Mashiro

Voiced by: Miyu Tomita

Aoi is in her second year of high school and has moved from Omiya in Saitama to Kyoto. For some reason she started to work part time in the antiques shot ‘Kura’, when she brought her grandfathers antiques to the shop. She is a honest and straightforward person and seems to have ‘the eye’ because she has a good intuition with antiques and can see the true value and if the articles are genuine or not.

Kiyotaka Yagashira

Voiced by: Kaito Ishikawa

He is a 22 year old graduate student of Kyoto University and is often called ‘Holmes’. He is an apprentice at ‘Kura’ and learns how to do appraisals for antiques. He is handsome and seems very gentle, but he is strict with himself and those around him and actually a little two-faced.

Rikyu Takiyama

Voiced by: Sanae Kobayashi)

Rikyu is a cheeky little boy. Because he looked feminine from a very young age on, he started to train his body and studied judo in France. His respect for Kiyotaka is over the top and he judges Aoi strictly.


Voiced by: Koji Yusa

He is said to be a genius scammer. Once, he lived as a priest, but when he met Kiyotaka, he started scamming again. He shaves off all his hair and wears Japanese style clothes. He is extremely nimble-fingered. He is good at sports and has a good eye for things.

Key Visuals


Airing Date
10 July 2018, Tuesdays at 2:05 (JST)
Summer 2018

Animation Studio Seven

Theme Songs

Opening: Koi ni Saku Nazo, Hara Hara to by AOP

Theme: Sasame Yuki by Wagakki Band

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©望月麻衣・秋月壱葉/DEF STUDIOS ©「京都寺町三条のホームズ」製作委員会


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