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In Another World With My Smartphone

Summer 2017
Also Known As:
異世界はスマートフォンとともに。 (Japanese)
Isekai wa smartphone to tomo ni (Romaji

Jul 11, 2017 at 20:30


Living free and happy in another world!
God kills off the main hero by accident, but gives him a second life in another world.
He is given a new body by god and a smartphone, which works even in the other world. On his journey he meets many people and makes good friends, and at some point he finds out the secret of this world.
In this kind of medieval-like world he joins forces with the kings and travels around.


Isekai wa smartphone to tomoni is based on a series of light novels written by Patora Fuyuhara and Eiji Usatsuka. The novel began serialization from 2013 on the website Shousetsuka ni Narou (Let’s become novelists). From 2015, the series was published via Hobby Japan Novels and eight volumes are currently available.

Voices From the Fans

Despite having a rather cliché plot it is still nice to watch.


Episode 1: Awakening, and Another World

Touya, who died by the hands of God through a mistake, somehow gets transferred into another world?! There he meets the twin sisters Elze and Linze and tries to start his new life with his smartphone. God himself made it possible to use it in the other world. Thanks to God’s power, his body is leveled up and he even can do some magic, and with his very useful smartphone he even fights evil and creates ice cream in this world. In short, he fully enjoys his new life. What will he end up doing with this new life?

Episode 2: First Journey, and Samurai

Even though there are still many surprising things about this world, with his smartphone at hand, Touya slowly gets familiar with everything and is heading toward the capital, as requested by the guild. On the way, they meet a samurai girl called Yae, who has lost her money. They buy some food for the hungry Yae, but as she can eat a LOT, Touya starts to worry about their own money. To return their kindness, Yae joins the group and travels with them. On their way, they encounter Sushie, the daughter of the Duke, who is being attacked!

Episode 3: Shogi Board, and Underground Ruins

Touya and the others are headed for the ruins because of a new request from the guild. They should fight the suppression of Dullahan. 1000 years ago, when the capital was moved, the old capital was abandoned. After ending the suppression, they start to look for a treasure in the deepest parts of the ruins. But what they find there is not a mountain of gold or treasures, but a magical creature seemingly made out of crystal. Because of it’s hard body, physical attacks make no damage and magic is absorbed by the crystal, and even if they manage to hit it, the wounds heal in an instant. Touya and the others are struggling a lot… What in the world is this monster?

Episode 4: Engagement, and an Uninvited Visitor

Touya heads to the royal palace with the Duke. Lying on the bed was the king, slowly dying because someone has poisoned him. As nobody knows what he was poisoned with, the hope of healing him was small. But the deadly poison has nothing against Touya and his high spec magic! With his super healing magic ‘recovery’ he saves the king and at the same time easily finds out who the culprit is, helping to catch him. And then princess Yumina, who saw the amazing performance of Touya, says something really unexpected…

Episode 5: Slime Castle, and New Functions

Touya and the others have been avoiding it for so long, but the time has come to face the slime for research purposes. Just when they tried to advance with the research, they meet Slime that melts clothes! While they were escaping the slime by climbing stairs, a lotion slime blocked their way. Move forward and risk melting clothes or move back and face slippery slime? What in the world could the purpose of this muddy-slippery-slime-panic research be?

Episode 6: Moving, and a Dragon

Touya has started living with the others in a big house, which he received as a present for becoming a knight. The Duke of Ortlinde comes to visit them there. He asks Touya to go to a meeting in the Kingdom Mismede, using his ‘gate’ magic. Olga, the ambassador from Mismede, and her younger sister Arma will accompany him. On the way there, they encounter a village which is getting attacked by a dragon. Normally it dragon lives peacefully in its sanctuary.
Touya vs. royal other-worldly dragon! And the winner is….?

Episode 7: Nation of Beastman, and an Observer

Touya heads for Mismede once again. Finally they arrive in Mismede’s capital, Berg. They went for an audience with King Jamuka. And for some reason, Touya has to battle the king in the arena!?
At night, a party was held at the palace and there was a stuffed bear walking around at the venue? When he followed the bear he meets Leen, who calls herself the 612 year old boss of the fairy tribe. With his newly acquired magic ‘Program’ he creates the new equipment ‘Brunhilde’.

Episode 8: Daily Life, and Onward to Eashen

Touya and the others are living peaceful days since their return from Mismede. But because of the bicycle Touya created, a fight breaks out among the girls below the water. Touya, do something! Because of Sushie’s request, they go back to Mismede where they meet Leen and Paula. They tell him that, after Touya defeated the crystal monster, Leen also fought some but lost. They became interested in Touya, who managed to defeat it. Leen, who is really curious about Touya and his high talent is asking them to go to investigate some ruins in Eashen. A new adventure begins!

Episode 9: Oeda, and Immortal Gem

The group has arrived at the town Oedo. It belongs to the territory of the Tokugawa Ieyasu that lies below the Japanese-styled castle. They soon head to Yae’s house. They meet Ayane and Yae’s mother Nanae and find out that Yae’s father and older brother went to the battlefield with Ieyasu. They find out that the battle is fierce and Touya and the others immediately head toward it, to Kawagoe. There they meet a soldier named Takeda, who gained immortality through a demon.

Episode 10: Ocean, and Vacations

Touya and the others have arrived at the ocean close to the Ruins of Niruya, and since they were already there, they decided to enjoy it. Now there are all the girls in their beautiful swimwear! Of course, that sight would also make Touya a bit excited. When he starts to think about going to the ruins, the problem of them resting at the bottom of the ocean becomes clear and Kohaku suggests calling some other Heavenly Beast. When he summons one, a giant turtle and a black serpent appear before them. Just like with Kohaku, he shows them his magical ability and thus makes a contract with them. He creates the names Sango and Kokuyo for them. He borrows their power and the group heads toward the ruins of Niruya!

Episode 11: Panties, and an Aerial Garden

In front of Touya is standing a girl in white underwear.

Touya, who has arrived at the Aerial Garden of Babylon, was greeted by Francesca, the girl in the pure white underwear. She seems to be tending to the garden. According to her, this place is one part of Babylon that Regina Babylon created 5092 years ago. She also says that he will be having something to do with the gardens in the future.

Touya gets the others so he can explain what happened, but Francesca starts saying things that lead to a big misunderstanding. She adds fuel to the fire by doing something unheard of, starting a big riot in the group. Even the usually quiet Linze is on fire!

Episode 12: Decisions, and With My Smartphone

When Touya comes back to the house, he is greeted by marriage problems. He is being pushed by Yumina and Linze (but mainly Yumina) to accept an engagement. Elze and Yae also agree that it would be a good idea for Touya to have many wives. Hey there, hero, is that okay with you!?

Touya is troubled by this development. To find some time alone to think, he visits the aerial garden. There he receives a message from Dr. Regina Babylon who founded the garden. He then gets information about the crystal demons! Still worrying about the marriage problem, he uses his last resort and heads to God. What will his decision be?!



Original Creator

Patora Fuyuhara

Original Character Design

Eiji Utsatsuka


Hiroyuki Yanase

Series Composition, Screenplay

Natsuko Takahashi

Character Design, Chief Animation Director

Toshihide Masutate, Masahiro Sekiguchi, Miyako Nishida

Art Director

Satoru Shibata

Color Design

Aki Watanabe

Sound Director

Takumi Itou

Music, Sound Production

Exit Tunes Inc.

Animation Production

Production Reed


Touya Mochizuki (Toya Mochizuki)

Natsumi Fukuhara

Elze Silhoueska (Else Shileska)

Maaya Uchida

Linze Silhoueska (Linse Shileska)

Yui Fukuo

Yae Kokonoe

Chinatsu Akasaki

Yumina Urnea Belfast (Yumina Elnea Belfast)

Marika Kono

Sushie Urnea Ortlinde (Soucie Elnea Ortlinde)

Nanami Yamashita

Leen (Lean)

Sumire Uesaka


Fumihiko Tachiki


Sayuri Hara


Fumihiko Tachiki


Mayu Yoshioka


Tomomichi Nishimura


Taiten Kusunoki


Kikuko Inoue


Honoka Inoue


Yuki Kuwahara


Himika Akaneya


Madoka Yonezawa


Soma Saito


Touya Mochizuki

Voiced by: Natsumi Fukuhara

A boy who came to a parallel world. He is basically good and polite to others but does not hesitate when someone important to him is in danger.

Else Silhoueska

Voiced by: Maaya Uchida

An adventurer who fights using the gauntlets on both of her hands. She believes actions speak louder than words and is the type to act before speaking. She has a younger twin sister, Linse.

Linze Silhoueska

Voiced by: Yui Fukuo

She was saved by Toya when she and her sister were about to be deceived in the town. She is introverted but sometimes shows her inner strength. She has an older twin sister, Else.

Yae Kokonoe

Voiced by: Chinatsu Akasaki

She is a samurai girl who wandered in from the eastern country from Ishen for training. She is serious puts her all into training. She is a big eater.

Key Visuals


Airing Date
Jul 11, 2017 at 20:30
Summer 2017

Production Reed

Theme Songs

Another World by AOP, ending: Junjou Emotional by Else, Linse, Yae, Yumina, Soucie and Lean

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