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Hinako Note

Spring 2017

Japanese Title: ひなこのーと

English Title: Hinako Note

Romaji Title: Hinako nooto

Apr 07, 2017 at 21:00


The work is praised for its fun comedy story and its unique characters. Sakuragi Hinako becomes stiff like a scarecrow in front of people. She can’t talk with them. But in return animals seem to like her, so she works as an actual scarecrow in her hometown in a rural part of Japan. Now she wants to change herself and decided to attend Fujimiya High School and join the theatrical club.


Hinako Note is an adaptation of a manga series by Mitsuki which is serialized in Kadokawa’s Comic Kyun. There are currently three chapters of the manga, a picture collection, and an official anthology available for purchase.

Voices From the Fans

It’s a “cute girls doing cute things” moe anime.

The anime puts a smile on my face whenever I feel down. I can forget all the bad things that happened.


Episode 01: My Talent is Being a Scarecrow

Sakuragi Hinako becomes stiff like a scarecrow in front of people. She can’t talk with them. But in return animals seem to like her, so she works as an actual scarecrow in her hometown in a rural part of Japan. Now she wants to change herself and decided to attend Fujimiya High School and join the theatrical club.

She leaves her hometown and starts living at a boarding house, with slightly strange but cute inhabitants. When she tells her her new friends – Kuina, who lives with her, and Mayuki, her senpai – that she came to the capital to join the theatrical club, they tell her that it was closed down last year…

Episode 02: It Begins Here

The landlady of Hitotose Manor, Chiaki, suggested that Hinako starts her own theater troupe. While Hinako worries about whether she could start one or not, Chiaki asks her why she wanted to join the dramatical theater club in the first place, so Hinako starts to explain. After Chiaki hears her reason, she suggests once again that Hinako starts her own troupe since there is little to no chance that the theater club at Fujinomiya high school would resume their activities soon. While the girls think about which stage play they want to play, Kuina suggests that they make use of the love the animals seem to feel for Hinako and use them in the stage play…

Episode 03: Mistaken Friend
Episode 04: The Scarecrow Heroine

It has been one month since school started and while Hinako participated at the theater practice as always, she notices that there was a child in the club room. According to Kuina, she has been in the club room for several days now. The other members of the club seem to pay the child no mind; on the contrary, they seem to put more energy into their practice than usual. Because the child is always close to Chiaki, people start thinking she might be a part of the theater troupe or might even be Chiaki’s child, so an exasperated Yua calls out to Hinako and Kuina on the matter.

Episode 5: A Kind Girl Who Isn’t Kind

Advisor Ruriko, who completed her dramatic training in Europe, wants to showcase her accomplishments and talks to the club members about performing a play, for which she wrote the screenplay, at the school’s cultural festival.

Hinako was cast as the heroine for said play, but she manages to fail at whatever she does. Yua feels that Hinako, who has only just begun acting, stole the heroine role from her and airs all of her complaints about Hinako. However, as she sees how hard Hinako is trying, her feelings begin to change.

Episode 6: Maids, Ghosts, and the Stage of Dreams

After Yua’s harsh training, who couldn’t bear to see Hinako like this any longer, they have a dress rehearsal one day before the culture festival. Mayuki, who helped the theater group with the costumes, is also there and dresses the heroine Hinako, Yua and Kuina in beautiful costumes. Wearing the clothes, they practice the whole play for the first time from beginning to end and Hinako is overwhelmed with joy when she manages to say all her lines without mistake. When Yua sees her joy, she snaps at Hinako to not be too happy, as the real performance isn’t over yet. And then it’s the day of the culture festival at last.

Episode 7: The Lost Swimsuit

Summer is in full action! The sun has become stronger and everyday the days get hotter and hotter, starting to burn the skin. Kuina is dying from the heat and asks Hinako why everyday is this hot, a lame reply follows: because it is summer. With such a common answer, Kuina suddenly had the idea to go to the sea. And so the gang from Hitotose along with Yua pack their stuff and enjoy a day at the sea!

Episode 8: Trying Too Hard

The first summer holidays for Hinako as a high school student have come. Because of the holidays, she helps out at the bookstore, but when a customer comes in and needs help, she turns into a scarecrow again. When Chiaki and Mayu return from their outing, a cheerful Yua comes in as well. She brings a DVD for Hinako with a recording of the theater lesson they had in the park. Unaware of her actions, Hinako smiles at the kindness of Yua. The next day, Hinako helps out with the reception in the coffee shop, but trips and falls in the middle of it…

Episode 9: We’ll Have a Training Camp

When Hinako came home from school that day, a letter from her mother was waiting for her. It said that she would visit Hinako as soon as possible to see her acting. And thus Hinako starts to worry about becoming a scarecrow again when her mother comes to see her acting. Since the cultural festival, she hasn’t been in a play anyway and has only worked mostly in the café. Just thinking about how her mother might see her like this makes her panic. When she hears that there will be a stamp rally event in the city, she suggests that they perform a play at the event.

Episode 10: Pa-Pa-Parade

Kuina, who has finished writing the script for what will become the first play of Gekidan Hitotose, shows it to Hinako and the others. As Chiaki also approves of it, everybody is happy that they decided on a story. Mayu also seems happy, as she can finally make costumes that will fit them and the play. But she wants to hold a costume parade as a part of the fitting, which shall take place sometime during the next practices. Chiaki and Yua think it is still to early for that, but Mayu doesn’t want to listen and insists on the parade…



Original Creator


General Director

Takeo Takahashi


Tooru Kitahata

Series Editor

Tatsuhiko Urahata

Character Design, General Editing Director

Kazuyuki Ueta


Yukari Hashimoto

Animation Producer

Passione Co.

Produced by

Anima and Company


Hinako Note Production


Hinako Sakuragi


Kuina Natsukawa

Miyu Tomita

Mayuki Hiiragi

Yui Ogura

Chiaki Hagino

Hisako Tojo

Yua Nakajima

Marika Kouno

Ruriko Kuroyanagi

Yuri Yoshida


Hinako Sakuragi

Voiced by: M・A・O

She can’t interact well with people, only with animals. If she feels pressured she turns into a scarecrow. To improve herself, she moves to Tokyo and wants to join a theater group.

Key Visuals


Airing Date
Apr 07, 2017 at 21:00
Spring 2017

Passione Co.

Theme Songs

AEIUEOAo!! – Gekidan Hitotose, ending: Curtain Call!!!!!! by Gekidan Hitotose

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