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Gyakusatsu Kikan

Winter 2017

Japanese Title: 虐殺器官

English Title: Genocidal Organ

Feb 03, 2017


Genocidal Organ was published back in 2007 and was praised as ‘the best fiction work of the 2000s’. It is impossible just to categorize this unparalleled work as simply science fiction, action or mystery. On the book’s dust cover, there were words of great praise from outstanding creators such as Hideo Kojima, Miyuki Miyabe and Kotaro Isaka. The original work was written with the concept that ‘War is depicted in the first person. The protagonist is immature, because technology makes it impossible for him to mature.’

The extremely realistic battle depictions and detailed self-reflective mental depictions are widely known as Genocidal Organ’s notable characteristics. That is why there are very few film makers capable of expressing both of these elements. The director, Shuko Murase, is undoubtedly one of the most talented and skilful film makers around.

Due to Studio manglobe’s bankruptcy in Autumn 2015, the movie’s production was suddenly brought to the brink of cancellation. However, the production was relaunched thanks to the newly-established studio, Geno Studio.

‘It was such an unpredictable crisis but maybe the late Project Itoh had given us another chance.’

Genocidal Organ has been relaunched and will be centering around Murase.
We’re sure the quality of the movie will far exceed our expectations.
Nobody can stop Project Itoh.


Having been constantly exposed to the threat of terrorism, the US has built an in-depth information management system to counter the threat.
In the mean time, the conflicts continued to intensify in each country outside the US.

The captain of the US special forces, Clavis Shepherd, receives a mission to track down an enigmatic American man.
The man named John Paul emerges with signs of a new conflict and once the war gets bogged down, he suddenly disappears from the battle field.

What was the thing that the once-prominent linguist did to the land?
What was he plotting while fending off the U.S government’s investigations?
Based on the information that Paul is hiding in the Czech Republic, Clavis makes his move.
In the Czech Republic, there was a woman named Lucia who was once involved with John.
What is the objective of the ‘Genocidal King’, John? Clavis hears something unbelievable from him.




Genocidal Organ (Project Itoh, Hayakawa Bunko JA)


Shukou Murase

Character Designer


Animation Production

Geno Studio


Clavis Shepherd

Yuichi Nakamura


Satoshi Mikami


Yuki Kaji


Kaito Ishikawa


Akio Otsuka


Sabae Kobayashi

John Paul

Takahiro Sakurai

Key Visuals


Airing Date
Feb 03, 2017
Winter 2017

Geno Studio

Official Site

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