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Frame Arms Girl

Spring 2017

Japanese Title: フレームアームズガール

English Title: Frame Arms Girl

Romaji Title: Frame Arms Girl

Apr 04, 2017 at 01:05

Voices From the Fans

I like the idea of little waifus that can have virtual battles, the charging method is pretty good as well.


Episode 1: Gourai/Stylet and Baselard
Episode 2: Can a Sty-ko Who Can’t Fly be Called “Sty-ko”/We’re Gonna Clean!
Episode 3: Let’s Go to School

Following Baselard, who stealthily snuck into Ao’s bag, Gourai and Stylet also go to school. The existence of unique Frame Arms Girls like Gourai and Stylet can’t be revealed! In her panic, Ao accidentally reveals their existence to her best friend, Bukiko.

Episode 3: Here Come the Materia Sisters

The Materia sisters come to see Gourai. We enter a pair battle between Gourai and Stylet, and the sadistic Materia sisters who lead them around by the nose! Struggling in this vague battle against the Materia sisters, Gourai and Stylet get caught in a tough spot…

Episode 4: Jinrai Has Arrived!

A Frame Arms Girl with a serious and headlong personality, Jinrai comes to battle with Gourai! In order to collect battle information, Jinrai persistently challenges Gourai to battle. Gourai is on the ropes. How will it end?!

Episode 4: Redecorating is Fun

Ao gets angry watching the Frame Arms Girls mess up her room while they play and tells them to clean up. They decide to use various materials and make their own room. There were taking it seriously at first, but then they begin to mess with the other girls…

Episode 5: The Architect is Activated

During the battle between Gourai vs. Jinrai, Architect suddenly appears on the battlefield. Lacking real-life equipment, her fighting is unique, making it a strange battle to look at. Gourai and Jinrai, who had a fulfilling battle, reluctantly part from Architect.

Episode 5: The Errand Race

Ao started to make sweet and sour pork. But then she realizes she has no vinegar for the ‘sweet and sour’! That means it’s only ‘pork’! So the FA girls decide to go and buy the vinegar part for Ao. Who will win the race for the ingredient?

Episode 6: Fireworks Festival of Feelings/Let’s Got to School 2
Episode 7: Vs. Hresvelgr

While Ao is not home, Gorai and the others play hide and seek and Hresvelgr breaks in. She somehow ends up finding Gorai and challenges her to a battle.
Hresvelgr may be stupid, but she is strong and so Gorai struggles with the fight.

Episode 7: First Tale of the F.A. Girls

Gorai starts to think of becoming stronger. And, somehow, Ao and the others start to cheer for her. Hearing this, Bukiko Kotobuki gives a lecture on what it takes to make a F.A. Girl.

Episode 8: The Pep Rally

Everybody has decided to do a rally before Hresvelgr returns. They each hold a presentation about Gorai’s best points. And Gorai is happy about all the encouragement she receives.

Episode 8: Autumn Beckons…

Gorai and Ao take a walk in the park. They meet a mysterious girl, Guriko, and spend time with her. Ao has a strange feeling, when the mysterious girl calls for her…

Episode 9: Ah, I’ll Catch a Cold/Together Again Tomorrow
Episode 10: Hot Pot Day/Battle! Battle! Battle!
Episode 11: What Lies Behind That Emotion

After Hresvelgr says ‘Oh, I want to hurry up and battle Gourai,’ Ao starts to think that Hresvelgr isn’t such a bad girl after all…

Episode 11: A Public Bath! A Battle?!

Gourai seems rigid thanks to how she is feeling about Hresvelgr. In order to help her chill out, the others take her to a bath house.
As FA Girls can’t enter the water, they go crazy in a holographic bath. At the same time, Hresvelgr is…

Episode 12: Last Battle/That Which I Give to You



Original Story


Girls Designs

Fumikane Shimada, Takayuki Yanase


Keiichiro Kawaguchi

Series Composition

Deko Ako

Original Character Design

Fumikane Shimada

Mechanic Design

Takayuki Yanase

Anime Character Design

Kosuke Kawamura

CG Director

Yuichi Goto


Keigo Hotari and Sho Ishihama

Sound Director

Riki Iida



Anime Production


Project Production

Kotobukiya/FAGirl Project


Ao Gennai

Yoko Hikasa


Narumi Kaho


Yu Ayase


Rika Nagae


Rika Abe

Materia Sisters

Erii Yamazaki


Hibiku Yamamura


Minami Kabayama

Key Visuals


Airing Date
Apr 04, 2017 at 01:05
Spring 2017


Theme Songs

Tiny Tiny by Rie Murakawa, ending: Fullscratch Love by FA Girls

Official Site

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