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Dimension High School

Winter 2019
Also Known As:
Dimensionハイスクール (Japanese)

10 January 2019, 22:00 (JST)


It”s the year 209 and humankind is facing the danger of extinction. And this is the story of heroes who fight for life itself in a class after school! …that’s what it was supposed to be.

Junpei Shiroyama picks up a rock on his schools campus. When he goes to the supplementary class of Soushi Momoya together with his colleagues Ryusei Midorigaoka, Yurio Mizukami and Tsuyoshi Kikawada, the stone suddenly starts to move…and speak!?

“You guys are the chosen heroes! I want you to get rid of the evil.”

The five of them can’t really follow the tale of this mysterious talking stone that calls himself Spudio the 22nd. They are still dumbfound when Spudio suddenly starts to glow. When they open their eyes, they are in the anime world?! On top of that, they are facing a Sphinx, who forces them to solve a mystery. Will the four of them eventually be able to return to the real world?


The project will crossing dimensions and the story will unfold in the anime world (2D) and the real world (3D).


Episode 1: Brain-Blasting Genius
Episode 2: The Things Most Precious to Me
Episode 3: Best Pals
Episode 4: Pride
Episode 5: You’re a Masochist
Episode 6: Tutoring for Tutoring
Episode 7: A Hole in the Heart
Episode 8: The Black Sphinx
Episode 9: Loss
Episode 10: An Unbreakable Rule
Episode 11: Supido
Episode 12: Supplementary Lesson After 10 Years



Character Design


Director, Script

Yuichi Abe


Junpei Shiroyama

Takahide Ishii

Ryusei Midorigaoka

Takeo Otsuka

Yurio Mizukami

Shohei Hashimoto

Tsuyoshi Kikawada

Takuma Zaiki

Soushi Momoya

Toshiyuki Someya

Spudio XXII

Takuya Eguchi


Junichi Suwabe


Junpei Shiroyama

Voiced by: Takahide Ishii

Third year in high school. He is living an ordinary student life without any special skills or clear goals for the future. His only hobby is to grow vegetables on the veranda at his house. He usually tends to stay away from people, but whenever he is with someone, there are short flashes of the power he carries.

Ryusei Midorigaoka

Voiced by: Takeo Otsuka

Third year in high school. He usually comes out at the top of his class. He admires Momoya extraordinarily and takes voluntary supplementary lessons. Prideful as he is, he is giving everybody but Momoya an attitude. When they were younger, he and Shiroyama were good friends…

Yurio Mizukami

Voiced by: Shohei Hashimoto

Third year in high school. A young, pale man with a weak constitution. Within the school he gives off a strong impression of being dark, but his advantage is that he looks rather neutral and is rather popular. He has roughly 20,000 followers on Instagram. Their types are completely different, but he gets along well with Kikawada.


Airing Date
10 January 2019, 22:00 (JST)
Winter 2019
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