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Carole & Tuesday

Spring 2019
Also Known As:
キャロルとチューズディ (Japanese)

April 2019


Fifty years have passed since mankind began migrating to the new frontier: Mars.
It’s an age where most culture is produced by AI, and people are content to be passive consumers.

There’s a girl.
Scrapping a living in the metropolis of Alba City, she’s working part time while trying to become a musician. She’s always felt like something is missing.
Her name is Carole.

There’s a girl.
Born to a wealthy family in the provincial town of Herschel City, she dreams of becoming a musician, but nobody around her understands. She feels like the loneliest person in the world.
Her name is Tuesday.

A chance meeting brings them together.
They want to sing.
They want to make music.
Together, they feel like they just might have a chance.
The two of them may only create a tiny wave.
But that wave will eventually grow into something larger…


Carole & Tuesday is a musical anime directed by Shinichiro Watanabe and celebrates Studio Bones’ 20th anniversary and FlyingDog’s 10th anniversary.


Episode 1: True Colors

Two girls from very different backgrounds meet in the most unexpected way. Together, they embark on a musical journey that will change their lives forever!



Supervising Director

Shinichiro Watanabe


Aya Watanabe

Original Character Design

Eisaku Kubonouchi

Anime Production

Bones Inc.

Music Production

FlyingDog, Inc.



Birthday: December 25, Martian Year 32 (17 years old)
Place of birth: Earth
Current address: Alba City, Mars
Hobbies: Skateboarding, eating on the move
Favorite foods: Mars dumplings, ramen
Current occupation: Part-timer
Dream: To become a musician!
Motto: “Don’t worry about tomorrow’s dust storm today”
Favorite music genres: R&B, folk, jazz, etc.
Inspired by: Cool female musicians like Beyoncé, Adele, and Aretha Franklin!
Instruments: Piano, keyboard


Birthday: June 10, Martian Year 32 (17 years old)
Place of birth: Herschel City, Mars
Current address: Alba City, Mars
Hobbies: Reading, sleeping
Favorite foods: Bubble tea, anmitsu
Current occupation: Freeloader…
Dream: To be a musician
Motto: “Every beaver has its day”
Favorite music genres: Folk, pop, classical, etc.
Inspired by: Cyndi Lauper, Stevie Nicks, Ed Sheeran, and many others.
Instruments: Acoustic guitar


Airing Date
April 2019
Spring 2019


Theme Songs

Opening: Kiss Me (written by Nulbarich)

Ending: Hold Me Now (written by Benny Sings)

Official Site

(C) BONES, Shinichiro WatanabeProject CAROLE & TUESDAY


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