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A Centaur’s Life

Japanese Title: セントールの悩み

English Title: A Centaur's Life

Romaji Title: Centaur no Nayami

Jul 09, 2017 at 22:00


Himeno Kimihara is an ordinary high school student who strives for love, has club activities and studies. Except for the fact that she is a centaur. And that there are all the others, Nozomi a dragon-human (draconid), Kyoko a satyr, the winged student committee chairman, and Sassass-chan, a snake-human.
With these kinds of classmates, she has a very ordinary daily-life. Follow the girls that are human, but not quite, in their daily adventures. ♪

)2017 KEI MURAYAMA/TOKUMA SHOTEN/Centaur’s Life Project


A Centaur’s Life is based on a popular manga series by Kei Murayama. The manga is serialized in Monthly Comic Ryu and there are currently 14 chapters available.

Voices From the Fans

It’s about a half-horse, half-human girl and all her supernatural buddies. That sounds pretty awesome to me.



Original work

Kei Murayama 

General Director

Fumitoshi Oizaki


Naoyuki Kon’no

Series Composition

Touko Machida

Character Design

Sakae Shibuya

Animation Production


Animation Production Co-Producer

encourage films




Himeno Kimihara

Seria Fukagawa

Nozomi Gokuraku

Yuuki Kuwahara

Kyoko Naraku

Haruka Shiraishi

Manami Mitama

Yuuna Kamakura

Quetzalcoatl Sassassul

Yuu Ayase


Akane Kiryu


Himeno Kimihara

Voiced by: Seria Fukagawa

Human with horse features (Centaur)
She has a bit of a strange personality. The big size of her body and breasts worry her.

Nozomi Gokuraku

Voiced by: Yuuki Kuwahara

Human with dragon features (Draconid)
She is a close friend of Himeno’s. Her family runs a karate dojo.

Kyoko Naraku

Voiced by: Haruka Shiraishi

Human with goat features (Satyr)
She is always cool and one of the closest friend of Himeno. She has an older brother very much like her.

Manami Mitama

Voiced by: Yuuna Kamakura

She is nicknamed Iinchou (Class President), as she has the strong leadership skills just like those of a class president. She also takes good care of her four younger sisters.

Key Visuals


Airing Date
Jul 09, 2017 at 22:00
Summer 2017
Theme Songs
'Oshiete Darwin' by Purely Monster, 'Edelweiss' by Asaka
Official Site
)2017 KEI MURAYAMA/TOKUMA SHOTEN/Centaur’s Life Project

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