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6 days ago

TIGER & BUNNY: A Mini Review Before its Hollywood Adaptation

Hello! This is Ayumi, your favorite Manga.Tokyo otaku! It’s been five years since TIGER & BUNNY aired back in 2011. The anime had a 25-episode run and

1 week ago

Touken Ranbu Themed Cafe Report

Hi, everyone! This is Ayumi with a new Manga.Tokyo themed cafe photo report! I went to visit some very handsome swordsmen at Tower Records

3 weeks ago

Female Otaku Visiting Osaka? We Have the Place for You

Ataraxia Cafe is a recently-opened cafe salon in Osaka open only to otaku women! Not only do they provide a menu you would expect

3 weeks ago

Manpuku Books: Manga and Food in Sapporo and Hiroshima

See that disappointed person in the photo below? That’s me after our Hiroshima Toyo Carp lost to Nippon-Ham Fighters at the Japan Series… To

4 weeks ago

Figure Modeling: Lessons from a Famous Teacher at the Yoyogi Animation Academy

Hello! I’m Kobayashi, the daredevil reporter of Manga.Tokyo and my mission is to go to as many fun otaku places as I can and share them with

1 month ago

Majestic Prince The Movie – Kakusei no Idenshi – : Team Majepri Report on Voice Dubbing

Majestic Prince is a popular original mecha anime that has been praised for its high-quality robot battles. On November 4, the series’s first original movie,

1 month ago

KanColle Themed Cafe Report and Photos

Have you ever heard of an anime collaboration cafe? In Japan many cafes and restaurants collaborate with anime series to recreate their space according

2 months ago

3-Gatsu No Lion: Official Cafe Opens in Marunouchi, Tokyo

An official limited-time cafe of 3-Gatsu No Lion has opened its doors in Marunouchi reading style cafe (Chiyoda district, Tokyo). The cafe will be

2 months ago

TV Anime ALL OUT!!: Photo Report from the Production Studio

ALL OUT!, the new rugby-themed anime series will begin its broadcast in October 6. The original comic series by Shiori Amase is currently serialized in

2 months ago

3-gatsu no Lion: Preview of Episode 01

Chika Umino’s popular manga 3-gatsu no Lion anime adaptation is handled by Akiyuki Shinbou and the animation production company SHAFT. The preview of episode 01

3 months ago

Orange: Report on the Post Recording of the Final Episode

orange is an ongoing TV anime series originateing from the youth SF comic series of the same name whose total circulation has reached 4.7 million

3 months ago

Kimi no Na wa.: Interview with Ryunosuke Kamiki about the Latest Anime Film by Makoto Shinkai

I had the intention to act without being bound by animation. The full-length animation film Kimi no Na wa. (Your Name.) was released on

3 months ago

Kimi no Na wa. ‘Your Name’: Movie Review

Kimi no Na wa is probably one of the long-awaited movies of the year. The director of this anime movie is Shinkai Makoto, the so

3 months ago

Interview with Makoto Shinkai, Director of Kimi no Na wa.

Kimi no Na wa. (Your Name.), the latest film by Director Makoto Shinkai, was released nationwide on August 26. The director is known for

3 months ago

Mob Psycho 100: The Secret Story Behind the Opening Animation Sequence

Mob Psycho 100 is one of the most popular anime of this season, with a distinctly unique opening and ending sequence. It’s always amazing to

3 months ago

Mob Psycho 100: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Ending Credits Animation

Mob Psycho 100 is the second project of ONE, the famous amateur mangaka that wrote One Punch Man. The director of the TV Anime series, Yuzuru

3 months ago

Interview with Nobunaga Shimazaki on Kimi no Na wa, the latest anime film by Makoto Shinkai

I would love people to cherish the emotions they felt watching this film. The new anime film Kimi no Na wa (Your Name) was

4 months ago

Chieri and Cherry: Interview with Director Makoto Nakamura and VA Natsumi Takamori

The Puppetoon animation Chieri and Cherry was released in July 30, 2016. Chieri is an imaginative girl in the sixth grade whose father died, and

4 months ago

‘Godzilla Resurgence’ Movie Review

I am literally at a loss for words. This film gave me quite a shock, and I felt like I couldn’t put my emotions

4 months ago

Behind-the-scenes story of the human-sized Mumei statue and directors revealed!!

The super attractive heroine Mumei’s realistic life-sized statue will be displayed at “Kabaneri & Battery Gallery” which is scheduled to take place on August