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Otaku reports straight from Japan: Events, Themed Cafe, Conventions, and so many more. Written by otaku fans for otaku fans.

2 days ago

Hayao Miyazaki and Takeshi Yoro Talk-Event Report

The Kyoto International Manga Museum celebrated its 10th anniversary on Sunday November 13 with a very interesting talk event: ‘Takeshi Yoro and Hayao Miyazaki Talk

2 days ago

Kyomaf2016 Event Report

Hello, I am Kawasaki, otaku writer for Manga.Tokyo! I visited the Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair (Kyomaf) 2016 on September 18. It is one of the

Anime 3 days ago

TIGER & BUNNY: A Mini Review Before its Hollywood Adaptation

Hello! This is Ayumi, your favorite Manga.Tokyo otaku! It’s been five years since TIGER & BUNNY aired back in 2011. The anime had a 25-episode run and

3 days ago

AEYAC Organization Announces Start of Operations at Kyomaf2016

AEYAC, an organization whose role is to support young anime producers in their career and skill development, has been announced on the stage of Kyoto International

Anime 4 days ago

Touken Ranbu Themed Cafe Report

Hi, everyone! This is Ayumi with a new Manga.Tokyo themed cafe photo report! I went to visit some very handsome swordsmen at Tower Records

4 days ago

Kyomaf2016 Stage and Booth Report

Hello, I am Kawasaki, otaku writer for Manga.Tokyo! I visited the Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair (Kyomaf) 2016 on September 18. It is one of the

Anime 1 week ago

King of Prism Cheer Screening Report on at Tsukaguchi Sun Sun: Tickets Sold Out in a Few Seconds!

King of Prism Report  at Tsukaguchi Sun Sun: Over the rainbow! >>日本語 Hello everyone! This is Ayumi! Last time we featured an interview with

Anime 2 weeks ago

Oarai Anko Festival Report: 130.000 Visitors and Over 80 GIRLS und PANZER Anime Cars

The Oarai Anko Festival is held every year in Oarai to celebrate the famous anglerfish, the signature winter taste of the area. This year marked

2 weeks ago

TV Anime Sound! Euphonium: Official Brass Band Concert Held at Kanagawa Kenmin Hall

The Sound! Euphonium Official Brass Band Concert by Kitauji High School Brass Band was held at Kanagawa Kenmin Hall On November 20. TV anime Sound!

Anime 2 weeks ago

Interview With the Owner of Tsukaguchi SUN SUN Theater, the Hot Spot for Cheer Screening!

>>日本語版はこちら Hello, everyone! This is Ayumi! Recently, Tsukaguchi SUN SUN Theater has relaunched its cheer screening events (ouen jouei), and I knew that I

AnimeManga 2 weeks ago

Female Otaku Visiting Osaka? We Have the Place for You

Ataraxia Cafe is a recently-opened cafe salon in Osaka open only to otaku women! Not only do they provide a menu you would expect

Anime 3 weeks ago

Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni Premiere Event: Katabuchi Comments on Finally Seeing His Work After 6 Years

The premiere for the movie Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni was held in the packed Theater Shinjuku in Tokyo on November 12. The story of the

Manga 3 weeks ago

Manpuku Books: Manga and Food in Sapporo and Hiroshima

See that disappointed person in the photo below? That’s me after our Hiroshima Toyo Carp lost to Nippon-Ham Fighters at the Japan Series… To

Anime 3 weeks ago

Pop in Q Stage Report at Kitakyushu Pop Culture Festival: Meet the Cast and Director

The biggest anime, manga and Japanese pop culture fair in Kitakyushu, Kitakyushu Pop Culture Festival, was held in the West Japan General Exhibition Centre

Anime 3 weeks ago

Girlish Number Halloween Talk Show: Sayaka Senbongi On How to Voice Act a Voice Actor

The production of TV anime Girlish Number held a very special Halloween event at Akasaka Sacas on October 30. The five main cast member, Sayaka

3 weeks ago

Figure Modeling: Lessons from a Famous Teacher at the Yoyogi Animation Academy

Hello! I’m Kobayashi, the daredevil reporter of Manga.Tokyo and my mission is to go to as many fun otaku places as I can and share them with

AnimeVoice Actor 1 month ago

Majestic Prince The Movie – Kakusei no Idenshi – : Team Majepri Report on Voice Dubbing

Majestic Prince is a popular original mecha anime that has been praised for its high-quality robot battles. On November 4, the series’s first original movie,

Anime 1 month ago

KanColle Themed Cafe Report and Photos

Have you ever heard of an anime collaboration cafe? In Japan many cafes and restaurants collaborate with anime series to recreate their space according

Anime 1 month ago

My Hero Academia: Official Report from the First Season Screening Event

The second season of My Hero Academia is in production, and fans of the tv anime are already excited. The first season of the anime

Music 2 months ago

Hiro Shimono: 8000 People Attended His Special Stage Event ‘One Chance’

In October 9, the voice actor and musician Hiro Shimono held a stage event called ‘One Chance’ at Pony Canyon’s 50th Anniversary: Hiro Shimono