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1 week ago

Ageku no Hate no Kanon Manga Review: ‘You’ll be surrounded by layers of emotions’

Ageku no Hate no Kanon (And He Arrived at the Kanon): I love only you forever is my NO.1 pick for this year. Give it

3 weeks ago

Survive! Shachiku-chan Vol.1 Review: You Are a True Company Slave But Only if You Haven’t Noticed That You Are!

Lately, there’s been the case in Japan of an advertising giant limiting overtime because of an employee committing suicide. But that’s the only case

3 weeks ago

Hajimete no Gal Vol.1 Review: This Kind of Virginity is Different from Kimi no Na wa

Every man was once a virgin. Hajimete no Gal is a manga revolving around a man who wants to make his dream slash graduation

1 month ago

Miyamori: A Pixelized Tribute to Japanese Mythology

Japan has always been in love with its culture and mythology and its young creators made sure that these stories played prominent role in

9 months ago

LOVE LIVE!School idle festival 矢澤にこ(Yazawa Nico) 1/7 Finished Figure

LOVE LIVE!School idle festival 矢澤にこ(Yazawa Nico) 1/7 Finished Figure Review Maker ALTER(アルター) Designer Takaku&Takeshi (タカク&タケシ) Review This is 矢澤にこ (Yazawa Nico), Niconii in short

9 months ago

[Figure Review] The [email protected] Cinderella Girls Minami Nitta : LOVE LAIKA Ver. 1/8 scale figure

“Nitta Minami” from the animation “The [email protected] Cinderella Girls” appeared with the costume of LOVE LAIKA as a 1/8 P! Speaking of the Phat!,

9 months ago

[Figure Review] Amagi Brilliant Park Isuzu Sento 1/7 scale

URL Maker ・ALTER(アルター) Designer ・Misairu   Review Isuzu Sento , who previously worked as the representative of the owner of “Amagi Brilliant Park”

9 months ago

Kantai Collection – Kancolle – Atago light armed Ver. 1/8 scale – Review

Kantai Collection – Kan-cole – Atago light armed Ver. 1/8 scale Marker: Max factory Designer: Hiroshi (Sakura front)     (japanese : ひろし(桜前線))