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AnimeGames 1 day ago

Top 10 Video Games That Fans Want Adapted into Anime

Our friends over at Anime Anime asked their fans a question: Which video game do you want to see adapted into an anime series? The survey

Anime 2 days ago

A Guide to Sailor Moon Merchandise: In the Name of the Moon, I’ll Punish You! ♡ Girl’s policy

Hello! This is Ayumi, your favorite Manga.Tokyo otaku! Most otaku girls (and boys, too!) have watched the Sailor Moon series at least once in their lifetime,

AnimeManga 2 days ago

One Punch Man: Saitama And Genos’s Relationship Resembles That of Their Creators

Hello everyone! I’m Mokugyo, a proud anime lover and writer of the Anime Study column here on Manga.Tokyo. Lately, Japanese people have been enjoying Halloween

2 days ago

How to Cosplay in Japan: 7 Steps to Follow

Cosplay is a worldwide phenomenon that is now an essential part of geek culture. Especially in Japan, cosplay is tightly connected to the otaku culture.

3 days ago

What is an Ita-Bag? The Nerdiest DIY Otaku Item

Hello everyone~. I am Ayumi, your favorite Manga.Tokyo otaku! I am sure that most of you have your own favorite characters from anime and

Anime 3 days ago

5 Interesting Trivia About Howl’s Moving Castle

Hello everyone! I’m Mokugyo, a proud anime lover and writer of the Anime Study column here on Manga.Tokyo. The Japanese TV recently held the 15th

3 days ago

Bukatsu in Anime and Manga: Club activities in Japanese schools

Club activities are mandatory content when you are watching a slice-of-life anime that, more usually than not, has a school setting. There is always

Anime 1 week ago

Osomatsu-san: What is Chibita Oden?

Hi there, This is Ayumi! Kyoto is really cold in November. So cold that my legs hurt and I have problems getting up every

Anime 1 week ago

What is Genocidal Organ? The Story Behind the Animated Movie

Of all the animated movies due to be released next year, there is one in particular that stands out. To be released in February

1 week ago

May the Force Be at Your Dining Table With These Lightsaber Chopsticks

Lightsaber Chopsticks Everybody knows what a lightsaber is. Even if you don’t just by hearing the word, you most probably know Star Wars, the movie that features

Live Action 1 week ago

Shin Godzilla: The Meaning Behind Some Key Scenes

  ※This article contains spoilers about the movie. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! November 3 is Godzilla’s birthday. Did you know what? Hello!

Anime 2 weeks ago

We Unbox the Perfect Gift for Touken Ranbu Fans: Samurai Chopsticks!

This is definitely the best Gift for Touken Ranbu fans. Especially if you want to eat your sushi in style! Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- × SAMURAI CHOPSTICKS Kashu

Anime 2 weeks ago

3 Things We Need to Point About GODZILLA the Animated Movie

The movie industry produced many movies in 2016 that became a hit in the Japanese box office. Many of them are related to anime.

3 weeks ago

Unboxing Mini Figures from AniChara Heroes: One Piece Dressrosa Arc Part 3

Part 3 of the AniChara Heroes Dressrosa Arc mini One Piece figures are finally on sale. Each multi pack includes fifteen boxes and costs ¥6480 (RRP). There are 15

Anime 3 weeks ago

5 Best Anime Picks from Winter 2017

Time flies like an arrow and anime seasons are over before you realize it. We are already mid-season for Fall 2016 and in roughly two

Anime 3 weeks ago

6 Reasons Osomatsu-san is a Big Hit in Japan

Hello, I’m Mokugyo and this is another Anime Study! This time I want to tell you six reasons why the six brothers of Osomatsu-san

3 weeks ago

The Evolution of Japanese Movie Theaters

Movie theaters are struggling to survive. Not only in Japan but worldwide, the rise of the internet, home cinemas, and the abundance of DVD

Anime 4 weeks ago

How to Get Limited Edition Otaku & Anime Merchandise in Japan : Part 2

Welcome to the second part of Manga.Tokyo’s mini guide to limited edition otaku and anime merchandise in Japan. The first part explained the difference between normal

Anime 1 month ago

We Unbox the First Edition Sailor Moon Miniaturely Tablet Cases

Here we are with another otaku unboxing! Manga.Tokyo purchased the first edition of Sailer Moon‘s Miniaturely Tablet that has started its resale since September! This

AnimeManga 1 month ago

What is the Will of D in One Piece? Studying What Has Been Foreshadowed

Hi! I am Mokugyo and this is another Anime Study! I love watching various videos on YouTube. Lately, I was very surprised at PPAP’s popularity.