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Anime 1 day ago

Berserk: 1/6 Scale Figure Replicates Guts’s Struggle to Protect Casca

MANGA.TOKYO loves otaku figures, especially when they are so detailed as this new Berserk figure entitled ‘Winter Journey’, brought to us by ART OF WAR.

Anime 5 days ago

Cardcaptor Sakura: Star Wand To Go On Sale for the First Time in 17 Years

The Star Wand & Sakura Card toy product will be modeled after the magical items from the TV anime Card Captor Sakura (CLAMP). Takara

Anime 3 weeks ago

Dragonball: 8 Powerful Characters Turn Into Awesome Figures

Manga.Tokyo’s ki levels have risen to unimaginable levels after seeing these amazing figures from the Dragon Ball Super ‘Future’ Trunks Saga. There are a total of

4 months ago

Even Renge Miyauchi Has Become a Human-Scale Figure!

Renge Miyauchi, the main character of “Non Non Biyori Repeat”, a TV anime series originated from “Non Non Biyori” which features everyday lives of

5 months ago

“NEW GAME!” will be releasing a 1/8 scale figure of “Aoba Suzukaze”

“NEW GAME!”, a TV anime series which starts broadcasting in July, 2016, features a heart-warming business story on the stage of a game company.

5 months ago

Anime Version of “Kantai Collection ~ Kancolle ~” Will Be Made Into 3D!

From the popular anime series “Kantai Collection ~ Kancolle ~”, anime version of the first fleet Kanmusu “Akatsuki” will be made into 3D! From

5 months ago

1/6 Scale “Irohahime Tony Ver.” From “Sengoku Taisen” Will Be Released!

From “Sengoku Taisen”, a real-time strategy card game by SEGA, 1/6 scale “Irohahime Tony Ver.” Will be released in November! KOTOBUKIYA announced that it

6 months ago

Released!! Additional Information on Package Design & Features of “My Hero Academia” Blu-ray & DVD Vol.2

Additional Information on Package Design & Features of “My Hero Academia” Blu-ray & DVD Vol.2, that will be released on July 13th, has been

6 months ago

[Figure]Parfom Shigure Kai Ni Released by Phat!

“Admiral, we should sortie soon.” Phat! Company teamed up with the garage kit dealer ‘RyunRyunTei’ Toona Kanshi to codevelop a new generation of action

6 months ago

[Figure] Ami Futami & Mami Futami Released by Phat!

The 9th in the [email protected] DVD jacket series! The mischievous twin idols – Ami & Mami Futami! From the anime series ‘[email protected]’ comes a

6 months ago

Are You OK? Want a Boob Massage?

Reservations of the balloon stand for figures will start on Friday, June 17th. A new company of APE’s brand, “Insight”, will start accepting reservations

6 months ago

The 4th Original Character of “Cu-poche”! “Alice” Appears

The 4th deformation figure of an original character of “Cu-poche”! “Alice”, a lady who is full of curiosity, will be added to the collection

6 months ago

The 1st Figure of “Pokemon” Figure Series From Kotobukiya!

“Red”, a legendary trainer, will be resurrected in a form of a figure! How nostalgic!!! The illustrations drawn by Hitoshi Ariga who worked on

6 months ago

From “Sailor Moon”, “Chibi-usa & Helios” Figure Will Be Released!

A scene figure that represents one of the “Chibi-usa & Helios” scenes from “Sailor Moon” is made into a product for adult ladies “Tamashii

6 months ago

“Ensemble Stars!” Mao Isara Palm-Sized Figure Coming Out!

The Very First “Palm-Sized” Series of “Ensemble Stars!” Figure Will Be The No.1 in Animate’s Dream Election, Mao Isara! Mao, The No.1 Idol of

6 months ago

“Addicted to Ketchup!” Pikachu Goods, 3,000 pc in total for present!

Kagome started the “Addicted to Ketchup! Pokemon Campain” Kagome which is well-known for its soft drinks and ketchup has announced that they are doing

6 months ago

Figures of “Heero” and “Relena” from “New Mobile Suit Gundam Wing” have been released!

The reservation for the “Alpha x Omega New Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Yui Heero” and “Alpha x Omega New Mobile Suit Gundam Relena Peacecraft”,

6 months ago

Mug with Sakurai’s illustration has been released from “Touken Ranbu – Online -“!

A cute mug with Sakurai’s illustration that provides a relaxing break time with the Touken members has been released by “Touken Ranbu – Online

6 months ago

“Black Angels” Collaboration T-Shirt Has Been Released!

“Black Angels”, a comic series that took the world by storm as one of the serialized comic series on the Weekly Shonen Jump at

6 months ago

Figure of Nicolas, a partner of Worick of the Anime “GANGSTA.”!

–Do struggle. In this dirty city. Two “Handymen” of “GANGSTA.”, a popular anime by Kohske, come into figures for the first time by KOTOBUKIYA.