Your Otaku Friend in Japan

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Travel the land of Otaku culture with us. Let’s learn all we can about the real Japan we see in anime.

Anime 1 month ago

Chihayafuru Seichi Junrei: The Oumi Jinguu Shrine Neighborhood

Have you ever felt like visiting the places and shops that appeared in anime? I am Kawasaki and in Otaku Travel I travel Japan and

2 months ago

Travel to Famous Places of Sound! Euphonium in Uji, Kyoto!

More than often, anime whose story is taking place in Japan are based on real-life locations. Manga.Tokyo, in its second Otaku Travel article, is travelling to

3 months ago

Kyoto Anime Shops & International Manga Museum Tour at Teramachi Street

‘Otaku Travel’ is a new Manga.Tokyo column dedicated to the travelling otakus. Our writers will travel all over Japan to bring you the best features, from