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Japanese language articles for the otaku learner. Enjoy your anime more with these language tips.

Anime 1 month ago

Who Laughs With ‘Oh ho ho ho!’: Ojou-sama Japanese in Anime

Oh ho ho ho!! How do you do? Today we will be looking at ojou-sama Japanese! 公式サイトCHARACTER更新です。今回は新キャラではなく既存キャラに画像とテキスト追加! おほほさんって名前このまま出ないんですかね… #heavyobject (うどん) — ヘヴィーオブジェクト公式

Anime 1 month ago

How do you say ‘mom’ in Japanese? Family Members in Anime

Thank you for getting lost and somehow ending up on Lost in Honyaku! Here we teach you little Japanese bits and bobs so you

Anime 2 months ago

From Kimi to Kisama: Japanese Pronouns in Anime, Part Two

Hi there fellow Japanese learner (and anime lover) and thank you for finding your way to Lost in Honyaku, a column where we help

Anime 2 months ago

Watashi? Boku? Ore-sama? Japanese Pronouns in Anime

Welcome back to Lost in Honyaku, where we help you get the most out of your anime-watching experience! There are many aspects of Japanese

Anime 2 months ago

San? Chan? Kun? Japanese Honorifics in Anime

Welcome to Lost in Honyaku, a Manga.Tokyo column where we help you get your head around some of the Japanese words and phrases that you