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Anime 4 days ago

From Kimi to Kisama: Japanese Pronouns in Anime, Part Two

Hi there fellow Japanese learner (and anime lover) and thank you for finding your way to Lost in Honyaku, a column where we help

Anime 4 days ago

Chihayafuru Seichi Junrei: The Oumi Jinguu Shrine Neighborhood

Have you ever felt like visiting the places and shops that appeared in anime? I am Kawasaki and in Otaku Travel I travel Japan and

Anime 2 weeks ago

Watashi? Boku? Ore-sama? Japanese Pronouns in Anime

Welcome back to Lost in Honyaku, where we help you get the most out of your anime-watching experience! There are many aspects of Japanese

Anime 4 weeks ago

San? Chan? Kun? Japanese Honorifics in Anime

Welcome to Lost in Honyaku, a Manga.Tokyo column where we help you get your head around some of the Japanese words and phrases that you

1 month ago

Travel to Famous Places of Sound! Euphonium in Uji, Kyoto!

More than often, anime whose story is taking place in Japan are based on real-life locations. Manga.Tokyo, in its second Otaku Travel article, is travelling to

2 months ago

Kyoto Anime Shops & International Manga Museum Tour at Teramachi Street

‘Otaku Travel’ is a new Manga.Tokyo column dedicated to the travelling otakus. Our writers will travel all over Japan to bring you the best features, from

2 months ago

Cosplayer: SORIO | Her coolness outweighs her cuteness

Cosplayer’s name: SORIO I’ve been having fulfilling days ever since I’ve started cosplay, and I also met a lot of great people. I enjoy

3 months ago

How to cook Tonjiru | Sweetness and Lightning Episode 02

Hi there! Welcome to Manga.Tokyo’s cooking feature, Anime Recipes. Both anime and manga are full of amazing dishes. From Japanese traditional food to modern お菓子

3 months ago

Cosplayer: Hibana | Cosplay is Simply Amazing

Cosplayer’s name: Hibana For me, cosplaying is the best means which I can fully utilize myself in order to express my love for characters

4 months ago

Cosplayer: Midori from Evergreen Group | Kigurumi is More Than Cosplay

Cosplayer’s name: Midori (EverGreen) This is Midori of the costume group ‘Evergreen’. When cosplay I always try to be and play the original character

5 months ago

How to make a bowl of tea chazuke | Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 01

Hi, there. Welcome to Anime Recipes! Both anime and manga are full of amazing dishes. From Japanese traditional food to modern お菓子 (okashi – candy),

5 months ago

How to make Cold-water rice | Kumamiko: Girl Meets Bear Episode 08

Think of the meatball stew as in Laputa: Castle in the Sky or Luffy’s bone-in meat from One Piece… There are so many dishes

5 months ago

Cosplayer: Masaki | I Cosplay My Love to the Character

Cosplayer’s name: Masaki By cosplaying my love toward the character and the work increases a lot. I undergo shootings while cherishing the atmosphere of

6 months ago

Cosplayer: NinNin | Just Enjoy Yourself When You Cosplay!

Cosplayer’s Name: NinNin To all the people, who want to try cosplay: When you  cosplay, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself! Don’t be shy!

6 months ago

Cosplayer: Akitsu Honoka | Cosplay is a Way of Life

Cosplayer’s Name: Akitsu Honoka Blog : Akichunet tumblr : Honokasudenpakyoku Twitter : @akchnk   MAWARU-PENGUINDRUM (輪るピングドラム) – Himari

7 months ago

Cosplayer: Chao | I Love Cosplaying Street Fighter

Cosplayer’s Name: Chao Blog : My Sweet Passion Twitter : Chao.BBA   ONE PIECE (ワンピース) – Nico Robin