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AnimeManga 4 days ago

Is Anime Fansubbing and Manga Scanlating Theft?

Yes. It is. According to United States copyright law, ownership of a work belongs to the author of the work unless it is either

Manga 2 weeks ago

Manga Sound Effects: The Basics of Japanese Onomatopoeia

Pow! Thump! Thwack! Onomatopoeias attempt to write sound effects on page so we can hear them through our eyes. They include calls of animals,

Anime 1 month ago

Who Laughs With ‘Oh ho ho ho!’: Ojou-sama Japanese in Anime

Oh ho ho ho!! How do you do? Today we will be looking at ojou-sama Japanese! 公式サイトCHARACTER更新です。今回は新キャラではなく既存キャラに画像とテキスト追加! おほほさんって名前このまま出ないんですかね… #heavyobject (うどん) — ヘヴィーオブジェクト公式

1 month ago

How to cook Our Homemade Curry | Sweetness & Lightning Episode 09

Welcome to Anime Recipes, the Manga.Tokyo column where we actually make the dishes you see in your favorite anime, complete with the recipe and our thoughts! This

Anime 1 month ago

How do you say ‘mom’ in Japanese? Family Members in Anime

Thank you for getting lost and somehow ending up on Lost in Honyaku! Here we teach you little Japanese bits and bobs so you

Anime 2 months ago

From Kimi to Kisama: Japanese Pronouns in Anime, Part Two

Hi there fellow Japanese learner (and anime lover) and thank you for finding your way to Lost in Honyaku, a column where we help

Anime 2 months ago

Chihayafuru Seichi Junrei: The Oumi Jinguu Shrine Neighborhood

Have you ever felt like visiting the places and shops that appeared in anime? I am Kawasaki and in Otaku Travel I travel Japan and

Anime 2 months ago

Watashi? Boku? Ore-sama? Japanese Pronouns in Anime

Welcome back to Lost in Honyaku, where we help you get the most out of your anime-watching experience! There are many aspects of Japanese

Anime 2 months ago

San? Chan? Kun? Japanese Honorifics in Anime

Welcome to Lost in Honyaku, a Manga.Tokyo column where we help you get your head around some of the Japanese words and phrases that you

2 months ago

Travel to Famous Places of Sound! Euphonium in Uji, Kyoto!

More than often, anime whose story is taking place in Japan are based on real-life locations. Manga.Tokyo, in its second Otaku Travel article, is travelling to

3 months ago

Kyoto Anime Shops & International Manga Museum Tour at Teramachi Street

‘Otaku Travel’ is a new Manga.Tokyo column dedicated to the travelling otakus. Our writers will travel all over Japan to bring you the best features, from

4 months ago

Cosplayer: SORIO | Her coolness outweighs her cuteness

Cosplayer’s name: SORIO I’ve been having fulfilling days ever since I’ve started cosplay, and I also met a lot of great people. I enjoy

4 months ago

How to cook Tonjiru | Sweetness and Lightning Episode 02

Hi there! Welcome to Manga.Tokyo’s cooking feature, Anime Recipes. Both anime and manga are full of amazing dishes. From Japanese traditional food to modern お菓子

5 months ago

Cosplayer: Hibana | Cosplay is Simply Amazing

Cosplayer’s name: Hibana For me, cosplaying is the best means which I can fully utilize myself in order to express my love for characters

5 months ago

Cosplayer: Midori from Evergreen Group | Kigurumi is More Than Cosplay

Cosplayer’s name: Midori (EverGreen) This is Midori of the costume group ‘Evergreen’. When cosplay I always try to be and play the original character

6 months ago

How to make a bowl of tea chazuke | Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 01

Hi, there. Welcome to Anime Recipes! Both anime and manga are full of amazing dishes. From Japanese traditional food to modern お菓子 (okashi – candy),

6 months ago

How to make Cold-water rice | Kumamiko: Girl Meets Bear Episode 08

Think of the meatball stew as in Laputa: Castle in the Sky or Luffy’s bone-in meat from One Piece… There are so many dishes

6 months ago

Cosplayer: Masaki | I Cosplay My Love to the Character

Cosplayer’s name: Masaki By cosplaying my love toward the character and the work increases a lot. I undergo shootings while cherishing the atmosphere of

7 months ago

Cosplayer: NinNin | Just Enjoy Yourself When You Cosplay!

Cosplayer’s Name: NinNin To all the people, who want to try cosplay: When you  cosplay, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself! Don’t be shy!

8 months ago

Cosplayer: Akitsu Honoka | Cosplay is a Way of Life

Cosplayer’s Name: Akitsu Honoka Blog : Akichunet tumblr : Honokasudenpakyoku Twitter : @akchnk   MAWARU-PENGUINDRUM (輪るピングドラム) – Himari