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The Dragon Dentist

Japanese Title: 龍の歯医者


This anime was made possible thanks to the Japan Animator Expo created by Hideaki Anno, who has come to attention recently thanks to his direction of ‘Shin Godzilla’ (Godzilla Resurgence)
The Japan Animator Expo allows many young creators to create short animated pieces, and a new work streams every week on the website.
The short anime ‘The Dragon Dentist’ was the first such anime to be streamed on the site.

This anime had in credits staff who have worked on such unique works as the Neon Genesis Evangelion movies.
Even more, the head of Studio Khara himself, Hideaki Anno, is working as the sound director.

Unlike the 8 minute movie from the Japan Animator Expo, this new anime consists of two 45-minute movies, totalling a whole 90-minutes!
Director Tsurumaki’s works consist of enthusiastic characters and a charming story that develops in leaps and bounds and this work is no different, so get excited!




Kazuya Tsurumaki

(’FLCL’; ’Top wo Nerae! 2’; ‘Rebuild of Evangelion’)

Story and Screenplay

Otaro Maijo


Yoji Enokido

(‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’; ‘Revolutionary Girl Utena’; ‘FLCL’, ‘Top wo Nerae! 2’)

Character Design

Shuichi Iseki

Exxecutive Producer・Sound Director

Hideaki Anno

(Director of’Neon Genesis Evangelion’ and Director and Screenwriter of ‘Shin Godzilla’)

NHK Programming Division, Development Strategy Department Chief Producer

Keisuke Dobashi

Key Visuals


Winter 2017
Studio khara
Official Site