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Sagrada Reset

Japanese Title: サクラダリセット

English Title: Sagurada Reset

Romaji Title: Sakurada Reset

Apr 05, 2017 at 23:30


In the town of Sakurada, half the population possess unique powers.
Its inhabitants live in peace, with the special powers observed by the Administration Bureau.
"I want to erase the tears of the person in front of me." "I want my voice to reach somebody."
The town's powers were born to grant kind, tender wishes such as these.
Kei Asai has the power of 'Memory Keep', which allows the him to fully remember past experiences.
Misora Haruki has the power of 'Reset', which can make the world go back up to 3 days.
When Misora uses this power, she herself also loses her memories of the time before the Reset, but she teams up with Kei, who will not forget no matter what happens. Together they can remake the past and change the present.

However, there is a 'past' that they cannot change. 2 years before, Kei's classmate, Sumire Souma, was lost thanks to the effect of a Reset.
Kei and Misora spend their days as part of the 'Volunteer Club' , where they fulfil requests from other students. At the same time, they search for a way to bring back Sumire.
They suddenly get a very unexpected request- "I want you to bring back my dead cat."

In order to erase the 'sadness' of the past, this boy and girl will jump through time, changing the world.


Sagrada Reset is based on a light novel series written by Yutaka Kono with illustrations by You Shiina. There are currently five volumes available. A manga adaptation was serialized in Kadokawa Shoten’s Monthly Shonen Ace, written by Masahiko Yoshihara with seven chapters available. A two part live action movie adaptation was announced and the first part aired on 25 March 2017. The second part is scheduled to be released on 13 May 2017.


Episode 1: Memory in Children 1/3
Episode 2: Memory in Children 2/3
Episode 3: Cat, Ghost and Revolution Sunday 1/2

Kei and Asuna are high school students and members of the ‘service club’ at school. Members of the club use their abilities to solve a variety of problems. One day they get a request from a girl named Youka Murase, who wants them to revive her dead cat. However, there were many things that were unclear with the request. When they request information from Utsuuchi-kun, the mysterious item ‘MacGuffin’ comes up.

Episode 4: Cat, Ghost and Revolution Sunday 2/2

Minami Mirai, the girl who appeared before Kei, has lost her memories. According to ‘Hitsuchi-kun’, someone sucked out all the information with their ability. The accident they worked on turns into a murder case.
Youka Murase has the ability to ‘Erase all the things she touches’. She got closer to Kei for the sole purpose of getting her hands on ’McGuffin.’ Now she wants to take the lives of Kei and Haruki using her ability.

Episode 5: Marble World and Candy Resist

Three months earlier. Kei and Haruki had just had their high school entrance ceremony and were convinced by Tsushima to join the Service Club. They then get their first request. A girl named Sawako Sera is trapped in a marble because of her ability. Tsushima tells them to do a reset and look at the situation before the incident. Instead of commanding a reset, Kei instead talks to Sawako Sera.

Episode 6: Witch, Picture and Red Eye Girl 1/3
Episode 7: Witch, Picture and Red Eye Girl 2/3

Eri Oka, the girl with the red eyes, doesn’t trust Kei and says she will steal Haruki’s ability to reset. Back in the day, Kei helped her get over a difficult time with her family, but she says she hates the Kei now, who had changed compared to before. Murase, who starts to investigate Oka due to Kei’s request, has an encounter with her and gets attacked.

Episode 8: Witch, Picture and Red Eye Girl 3/3

Eri Oka, who managed to steal Kei’s ability with the picture ability, tries to rob Haruki’s reset ability, while the ‘System without a name’ known as ‘Witch’ advances with the plan. Sasano also starts to advance, without revealing the secret to his ability. And Eri Oka, who wants to make the ability of the witch her own as well, starts to attack the bureau.

Episode 9: Strapping/Goodbye is not an easy word to say
Episode 10: Memory in Children 3/3

Four years ago, it was the summer vacation in the 6th grade of elementary school when he was invited in Sakurada. It was the first time Kei saw an ‘ability’ and because he became interested in Sakurada and the abilities that come with living in the town, he started to investigate them. And while doing it, his own ability started to develop. And then Kei got contacted by the bureau for his memory ability. That’s when he met a woman called Sakuin-san.

Episode 11: A Certaun Day’s Haruki

Kei was absent from school due to a cold. Mirai Minami tells Haruki to go and visit Kei to see if he is all right, because it shows you care and because a cold and love have nothing to do with each other. And then she tells her how to cure a cold, ‘If you kiss, the cold will be cured.’ Without having anything to say against it, Haruki goes to visit Kei.

Episode 12: One Hand Eden 1/4




Shinya Kawatsura


Katsuhiko Takayama

Character Design

Tomoyuki Shitaya


David Production


Kei Asai

Kaito Ishikawa

Misora Haruki

Kana Hanazawa

Sumire Souma

Aoi Yuki

Tomoki Nakano

Takuya Eguchi

Mirai Minami

Yuki Yamada

Youka Murase

Yui Makino

Seika Nonoo

Sachika Misawa

Key Visuals


Airing Date
Apr 05, 2017 at 23:30
Spring 2017
David Production
Theme Songs
Reset - Yui Makino, ending: Tonari Au by The Oral Cigarettes
Official Site
河野裕・椎名優 /KADOKAWA/アニメ「サクラダリセット」製作委員会

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