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KONNICHIWA! I’m Yuki, the editor-in-chief of MANGA.TOKYO.
I’m a Japanese who grew up watching Yu Yu Hakusho and got struck by Evangelion. I once dreamed to be reborn in another world! I have founded MANGA.TOKYO at the end of last year and now I’ve been enjoying my Otaku life watching anime, taking part in many events, reading comics, and listening to VOCALOID. I’d like to explain what MANGA.TOKYO really is. This text is translated from Japanese into English (I’m still studying English, lol), so I’m a bit worried if you can fully understand this. Please feel free to contact me in case there’s anything unclear to you.

We love Otaku culture very much!

We love Japanese anime, manga, games, and everything about the otaku culture!!
In our childhood, we all dreamed to become Goku from Dragon Ball and held swords in our mouths imitating Zoro from One Piece. We longed to live in a dreamy world commonly seen in light novels. We Otaku people believe that Japan is a very imaginative country constantly producing interesting Otaku content. If you feel the same way, I’m sure you will enjoy MANGA.TOKYO a lot.

We provide accurate and reliable information.

MANGA.TOKYO has been posting lots of news. The other day, we received a message from one of our readers saying “Where can I find the source of that interview? I can’t find this on other sites”.

First of all, our headquarters are in Japan and we write articles based on press releases we receive from Japanese anime companies, figure makers, and other reliable companies. The interviews either we independently conduct or write them based on press releases which are provided for Japanese media only. We translate and post all these articles. We’re 100% confident that there are no fake or false information in the news we share. Please rest assured of our transparency.

We introduce interesting Japanese aspects through Otaku culture.

We are striving to make MANGA.TOKYO a better website that helps all those interested in the Japanese culture.
We’ll put in a lot of effort everyday to make a useful website where people can learn every bit of Otaku culture.
Although you can find anime and manga news and review articles outside of Japan, there is still a lot of information only accessible in Japan. We take full advantage of being here in Japan and write high-quality articles. Please stay tuned!

Manga. Tokyo is your Otaku friend in Japan

We’re still struggling through lots of trial and error. Our quality of translations and articles still has ways to go, but we’ll do our utmost to dramatically improve it. If you are a proud Otaku, please feel free to give us your feedback. We accept just about anything from information you want to know, questions about Japan (Japanese culture) to even complaints. We’d love to further improve our site based on feedback from you.

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MANGA.TOKYO is a media site which spreads information about japanese anime, manga and music all around the world. We want to be the place where you go to for reviews or event reports by Japanese otakus or where you can go to after having watched an anime and get more details about it and enjoy it even more.